The Last of Us Review - Gametactics

Following a viral outbreak, you find yourself in control of the main character Joel. 20 years later he’s a hardened smuggler one of the few survivors in a military quarantine zone. Not exactly the most upstanding citizen of this “new world”, but sometimes you just got to kill to survive when there are lack of resources everywhere. He ends up smuggling an interesting package, a girl named Ellie. Even though this is developed by the fine folks at Naughty Dog, don’t expect as many epic gun battles like in Uncharted. You’ll be spending lots of time avoiding conflict, hiding, sneaking around and if all else fails shooting your way across the wasteland of what is left of America. Naughty Dog just set the bar higher for action/adventure games, read on as Gametactics reviewer Justin Lee The Last of Us for PlayStation 3.

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