PS4 vs. Xbox One: History is Not on Microsoft’s Side

DailyGame: "Much to Nintendo’s chagrin, the upcoming console war is clearly a PS4 vs. Xbox One discussion. Coming out of E3, it’s not unwarranted to ask whether Microsoft and Sony are destined to switch positions in the next generation."

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Muerte24941979d ago

as far as sales are going, you're only addressing the North American market. You're failing to mention RROD and that it wasn't covered under warranty until July 2007.

Microsoft has not sold more hardware-wise than Sony. They actually ended up in last place this gen. You need to clarify Microsoft sales dominance in "America". America accounts for almost %60 of Xbox 360's LTD sales worldwide.

These errors in reporting are gave Microsoft such arrogance. Had someone given them a reality check regarding their worldwide numbers instead of only North America, we'd have a competely different next gen system.

StinkiWan1979d ago

Good point about North America. I don't see how the Red Ring of Death applies to the article specifically, but I definitely agree that not accounting for it in the warranty until much later was a total whiff on Microsoft's part.

InTheLab1978d ago

The article brought up PS2 failures and we're talking about miststeps out of the gate....

DarkZane1978d ago

The PS3 passed the 360 in sales a while ago. Also, if you take out of the equation every 360 with RRoD and every PS3 with YLOD, the PS3 wins by an even bigger margin.

Especially since the failure rate of 360, which was abnomarly large, was a lot bigger than the PS3 YLOD, which was at a pretty normal rate (the normal rate for basically every electronics to break).

By taking out the massive amount of RRoD 360 and the small amount of YLOD PS3, it's clear that the PS3 install base is a lot larger than the 360.

So the PS3 is the clear winner against Microsoft again. To top it off, they released one year late at a much bigger price.

RiPPn1978d ago

It is funny how people forget so quickly the growing pains on the 360. The RROD situation not covered and them trying to cover it up saying it was the typical 3% failure rate. System updates bricking consoles. The whole problem with digital content not being able to be transferred to a new console so you had to remain logged in to live. The disk scratching issue, that even still exists on the newly released 360. It's not been pretty but somehow they weathered it.

Mikeyy1979d ago

I think the biggest shocker is that only 25-35 million people opted for live gold.

Considering the one is online only, the most ms can ever hope to sell next gen is 30 million and that's being very generous.

NameRemoved00171979d ago

I would say 10 million consoles sold worldwide IF they get lucky.

StinkiWan1979d ago

You're kidding, right? The Wii U, even as poorly as it's sold, has still moved almost 3.5 million since launch. The Xbox One will surely move more than that, yes?

SniperControl1979d ago

I can see a landfill site somewhere in Mexico full of thousands of un sold Xbox1's.

NameRemoved00171979d ago

Next thing that pops up will be "get an xbox one for $250 by signing into a 2 year xbox live contract."

Gridloc1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Yep that might be something they announce closer to launch. @ $10-15 a month for Xbox gold they might convince some suckers.

StinkiWan1978d ago

Great...consoles becoming the new cell phone. That's the last thing we need!

Pintheshadows1979d ago

That guy searching for all the buried copies of ET is clearly making some room for the slew of X1's.

Astargatis1978d ago

I hope these policies will bury deep and another Xbox without all these limitations will show up

SpinalRemains1978d ago


Seattle has a hole already half filled with the Kin phone.

They will just use that hole.

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ThyMagicSword1978d ago

Nobody is on Microsoft's side.