E3 2013 spotlight: 'The Witcher 3' looks impressively unimpressive

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's world looks impressive, but it was still pre-alpha gameplay so there were glaring blemishes that the development team should fix. Rather than dwell on the things that shouldn't be there when the game is released, we thought we would shed light on more important details.

From the exclusive look we received of the game, it looks amazing and is filled with such detail that players are going to be blown away when they get their hands on the game sometime next year.

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Tatsuya 2004d ago

It's the next gen RPG, what were you expecting?

Mariusmssj2004d ago

Weird title, One would think that they had something bad to say but... all seemed good and positive :)

Never the less I sooo can't wait to play it

RuleNumber52004d ago

It was titled that way because there were some glitches in the demo, but it was pre-alpha so for it being unimpressive because of the glitches, it was extremely impressive. I think this game will define what next-gen gaming is. They have the scope and ambitions. Just need to execute it.