EA confirms Danger Close team disbanded

EA has confirmed that the developers of the Medal Of Honour series, Danger Close have officially been disbanded.

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Vip3r1977d ago

Didn't see this happening from a hundred miles off.

xtremexx1977d ago

for some reason i though medal of honour did ok and had something else coming out. guess not.

titletownrelo1977d ago

It could have been a GREAT shooter with the Frostbite engine, but yet again EA destroyed another franchise by forcing it to compete with COD when it was NOT ready.

At least elements from MOH are moving over to BF4 (paintjobs, customization, scopes/sights)

xtremexx1977d ago

well thats nice to know.

doctorstrange1977d ago

They have not been disbanded, just moved to a new studio with more staff, called DICE LA

UnholyLight1977d ago

Personally think they should go back to what made them great - Their WWII games. Fondest moments had in gaming originated with MoH Frontlines and Rising Sun.

Time with the new power found in the upcoming consoles to tell these stories again I say.

That's the one thing that could bring MoH back to it's greatness, break from the mold and go back to WWII instead of Modern Shooter like everyone did after CoD 4

Kalowest1977d ago

Time for MS it offer them jobs!

Lovable1977d ago

Good to hear. MOH was so bad it's laughable.

Dlacy13g1977d ago

I didn't care for MOH overall...but it wasn't horrible either. I would have liked to see that team work on something original they wanted to do instead of being the B team for Dice and a stop gap game while Dice worked on BF3.

NYC_Gamer1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

EA killed another franchise and studio

up2snuff1977d ago

EA didn't kill them... making a crappy game killed them.

elhebbo161977d ago

which was forced by EA's decision.

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The story is too old to be commented.