Forbes: Which Next-Gen Console Will You Buy, PS4, Xbox One Or WiiU?

It has to be the PS4.

Sony stole the show at E3 this year by squashing all the rumors of it going the same route as Microsoft and closing the used game market. I can understand where Microsoft is coming from, but that’s not a business plan I’m willing to support. We vote with our wallets, and I’m not going to reward Microsoft for restricting access to my own games.

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Neoninja1953d ago

I'm getting the X1 and Ps4, when I find a good cheap deal then I'll get the U. I want the best of all worlds. All of them have games I like and I don't want to miss out on!

Dno1953d ago

you will be sorry when all your games are on the cloud an you cannot sell them or borrow them because u are supporting XB1 crazy ideas.

PS4 ONLY for me

tigertom531953d ago

at least I can share my library with ten friends

darthv721953d ago

just want to get the xb1 and PS4 and i will be set for the next gen face off.

Neoninja1953d ago

Dno I doubt I'll be sorry considering I don't trade nor sale my games so that's no big deal to me.
I like what there trying to do with X1 (trying to make it like steam) and I think it will pay off. If it doesn't I'll always have my Ps4 to fall back on.
So the best of all worlds.

WeaseL1953d ago

"at least I can share my library with ten friends"

Read the terms first

Any one is not the same as anyone

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1953d ago

ps4/pc is my set up and wiiU in 2015.

MurDocINC1953d ago

I got PC, WiiU and plan to get PS4 for 1st party games and 3rd party games that dont come to PC. X1 doesn't have games that interest me. When it does, maybe I'll buy it or borrow a friend's X1.

Mystogan1953d ago

You can sell and share games through the cloud. How many times have you lend a game and never got it back? Thats a thing of the past now.

Xbox One is also more powerful.

Blakhaze9991953d ago


Wha?? Which rock did you just crawl from under?
xbone is less powerful more expensive and more restrictive which = NO BUY for me.
If you love the games xbone has more than your rights as a gamer then knock yourself out. You will be doing yourself an injustice but thats your money and your butthole they are plugging. Not mine. Enjoy!

inveni01953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I may buy an Xbox One in 5 or 6 years, when they're really cheap. But there's no way I'm paying $500 for a game licensing machine.

I've already pre-ordered a PS4.

Wagz221953d ago

@Mystogan, 8gb DDR 5 > 8gb DDR 3 , plus 3gb already taken up by OS? No thanks, ps4 is more powerful.

Muffins12231953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Actually a cool feature I did not know is you can share and borrow a person's game digitally on xbox one......

Gravitic1953d ago

Agreed Muffins this feature is nice, I'll end up getting both eventually :D

Kevin ButIer1952d ago

after all the x1 buzz I might end up getting the wii u... really nice announcements on this year's E3

nypifisel1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

"At least I can share my games with ten friends"

Lawl dat argument!

With the PS4 you can trade them with over 9000! Friends. Cause just as with the X1 family game sharing ability - only 1 console can play the game at a time.

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AngelicIceDiamond1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

People here don't you to have the best of both worlds. Its either one or the other.

Why? Because fanboys. I too wanna get both.

@Neon Fanboys are acting like your parent's or something. Neon can do whatever the hell he wants with his money and time.

People here really need lives (abzdine) if your concerned over somebodies purchase. In other words, mind your damn buissness, its not your money.

To fill your fanboy void @abzdine hes getting an X1 and a PS4.

Neoninja1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Judging by the disagrees I'm getting looks like you're right. Sucks I plan to enjoy great games across the board. I must have a few screws loose or something.
Fanboys are an interesting breed lol

You remind me of an old sony enthusiast from the site named Nazim. Anyway my money, my choice, and it doesn't affect you at all.

1952d ago
rainhell771953d ago

Same here! not like these fake gamers! bring me all systems!

Faztkiller1953d ago

No real gamers stick up for themselves and dont support crap policies.

FunAndGun1953d ago

Sorry, no real gamer would stand for the Anti-consumer policies and restrictions of the Xbone.

Drekken1953d ago

So to be a real gamer I have to bend over and let MS stick it to me as it is recorded by Kinect? No thanks... I will stick to being a "fake gamer".

Patrick1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Exactly, if you let MS get away with this they will, I repeat, They WILL get worse with more and more control. Geez, this is MS, the kings of take what we want and do what we want cause you have no choice but to buy our operating system if you want a PC over a Mac. Only in this case we do have another much better option, and that is the PS4. If we dont stand behind the right consumer friendly practices, it will effect all of us in the future. PS4 for me.

Greatness Awaits and U R NOT (red)E

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abzdine1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

You'll be spied on, Kinect crap, can't buy a shitty used game to try it see if it's any good, you can't sell your console to anyone,always online, 24h check, Live gets hacked you can go to don't live in one of the few countries where live will work and you're screwed, you can't import games, and from another x1 you can only play for an hour, and to end it all its less powerful, bigger, ugly and more expensive!! Now talk about buying a Xbox one.

Greatness awaits

1953d ago
faysal1953d ago

people like you is the reason why our freedom in gaming will be lost.. you people give up your freedom of choice for few hours of entertainment.. just my thoughts tho, your money if you wanna be locked down thats your problem..

Psn8001953d ago

Ps4 for the modern man .

Stroke6661953d ago

not for nothing but correct me if i'm wrong, you'll buy the 499 and 399 systems flat but the 349 system you need it o be cheaper? that's a bit odd imo. the xb1 has some good points but the cons are outweighing the pros right now. however not to be contrary, I completely agree with your ideology of getting the best of all worlds that's what gaming is all about

1952d ago
Neoninja1952d ago

The only reason I would search for the U cheaper is because it has very very few games that I like on it. Really I would get it for Smash Brothers, and that X game.
Hope that clarifies it a bit.

Shnazzyone1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Check craigslist if you want a deal on WiiU. The game drought has really resulted in people dropping off right now. I got the elite bundle for 275 bucks. had enough left over for a game. No regrets. No tax.

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a_bro1953d ago

"Potential for games to run at 4K resolution. That is the next Gen of HDTV with four times the resolution in this case specifically (3840×2160). The PS4 has been confirmed to not be capable of doing 4K for games, but the Xbox has no limitation to prevent that possibility especially with the added horsepower from Cloud computing."

Someone is drinking the micro-kool-aid...

tigertom531953d ago

yeah when Killer Instinct only runs 720p lol

DatNJDom811952d ago

Forbes is just disgusting. You guys should have read the article when they defended the spybox. Talk about bias. Just as bad as polygon.

Drekken1953d ago

Holy **** Forbes is dumb. The article actually says that?!? hahaha.... Well, I am not surprised. One day Forbes is bashing a company the next day they are drinking their koolaid.

user55757081953d ago

the human eye can't tell the difference in resolution anyway unless your sitting extremely close to the television. theres almost no point to having it be compatible with 4k resolution. stick with 1080p televisions they're much more affordable. 4k and 8k resolution in theory are much better but in action are not noticeable and just another way of driving up television prices in the future

Shnazzyone1952d ago

Especially since 4k wont be the norm for AT LEAST 3 years. Assuming a better viewing tech isn't invented that overtakes it.

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xJumpManx1953d ago

All 3, No gamer wants to miss any exclusive games that look good to them.

Majin-vegeta1953d ago

PS4 and i'll be getting a wii u when monoliths new game releases.

You're right the only game that caught my attention at M$ E3 was KI,But they even managed to fudge that up.Anyone can now do stupid combos.By pressing one button followed by another.In other words dumbed down for the scrubs.

Fark off M$

xJumpManx1953d ago

I felt the xbox exclusives destroyed the ps4 ones especially when most of the ps4 exclusives were Indie titles. 3/4 of the sony show was about Multiplatform games.

Seraphemz1953d ago

@Jump - SONY had announced most of their exclusives at the reveal already.

I wouldnt say that XB1 "destroyed" PS4.

Care to share what makes you think that??

maniacmayhem1953d ago

I read that too, but further investigation you can only do like 10 to 15% damage combos if you button mash and if you do that, then the other player can easily combo break.

You have to learn the bigger button strings to get the real meaty combos that will get big damage and make it harder for the other player to break.

xJumpManx1953d ago

@Seraphemz, You cant deny sonys E3 showed way to many Multi-platform games and they bragged about lame Indie titles. Indie titles are nice distractions but I want full fledged big budget titles I could care less about Indie titles. The only games Sony has shown so far that I want at launch is Drive Club.

Mikelarry1953d ago

lol fark off so british :) (by the way i am as well)

Seraphemz1953d ago

@ jump - They did just scim over the exclusives at E3. But SONY is known for coming out with more and better first party exclusives.

I actually like the fact that they are still supporting the PS3, having games like the Last of Us, and Beyond still coming out, instead of forgetting about the PS3 and having those amazing devs focus on PS4.

When was the last "BIG BUDGET" title you got from microsoft?

Redgehammer1953d ago

If I am to get one in a couple of years ,it would be the XO. I am always connected, don't buy used games, and like many of my Japanese.counterparts, I will support my countries console. My 360 is online 350 hours+ per month, consuming games and media; therefore, I am very excited for the future possibilities of the Xbox platform. However, I will be playing my 360 for the next couple of years.

AngelicIceDiamond1953d ago

@Majin Ha you what's funny? MS has NOTHING to do with accessibility of the game. MS like all their games, fund them, not make them.

Blame the devs behind it not MS

ZodTheRipper1953d ago

^350h+ per month? Over 14 of 30 days? You have much bigger problems than blocked used games and all those restrictions.

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Umb1952d ago

Yes but at what price? And I'm not talking about monetary wise. Think about the long term implications. I believe someone mentioned this before above and it reminds me of Aesop's Fables about the flies and the honey pot.

Cloudberry1953d ago

I still keep looking at the Wii U.

But so far, only X & Bayonetta 2 have my interests.

Not enough...

Stroke6661953d ago

try zombie u and monster hunter in the mean time theyre great games. I'm getting my ps4 day one just like I got my wii u day one. I would recommend if you know anyone that owns a wii u to go try it, the kiosk demos don't do the system any justice. I have a friend at work who was dead set against the wii u(he's a graphics whore) until I brought it into work plugged it in pulled out to pro controllers and we began gaming on injustice in the lounge using the gamepad. He picked up a wii u that weekend lol. may not be the same for everybody but try it you may be surprised

WooHooAlex1953d ago

PS4 for sure, I'll be buying day one.
Maybe a Wii U down the road if the games pick up.