No Gamerscores (aka. Entitlements) for PS3

One way to tell if someone has been logging some serious hours on their Xbox 360 is to check their Gamerscore. The feature tracks how many Achievements--various game goals set by developers--gamers accomplish by assigning each task a numerical score. By adding up all the numbers, gamers get their Gamerscore and bragging rights (provided they didn't buy it).

The feature has been a surprise success for the Xbox 360, with gamers playing games they otherwise wouldn't solely to try to boost their scores.

With its success, many thought Sony would mimic the system for its upcoming PlayStation 3. It was even once rumored that Sony's system would be called "Entitlements," causing a bit of a row among Microsoft fans.

Now it appears that Sony isn't jumping on the bandwagon. According to Wired.com, Jack Tretton, executive vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment America, has said that achievements, entitlements, or whatever else they may be called, will not be a part of the PS3's program.

When asked about the prospect, Tretton said, "We didn't mention that, but it is our intention that we would have it--although I think it would be game-centric. It's very difficult to draw analogies [between] your success on SOCOM and your success on Madden. Madden players care about peoples' success on Madden."

So instead of having one score across all games, it appears Sony is opting for glorified leaderboards for each game...

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kmis876185d ago

So the question is, How big a deal is gamerscore for normal players? Xbox livers chime in please. Personally I like having individual leaderboards a lot, but an overall ranking wouldn't be unwelcome. I do think that having individual scoreboards is more important an overall board cause I'm not going to buy enough games to get into the top overall scoreboard, but I could try and get highest in Madden, Resistance, or whatever else.

shortyNZ6185d ago

with xbox it just gives you more reason to play games for a wee bit longer to get the most from them, i dont personally aim to get my score up, but its still kinda pleasing to see the numbes tick over, really tho its not somthing i couldnt have lived without

ElementX6185d ago

I'm not a completionist, however it's always satisfying to see the "achievement unlocked" window appear at the bottom of the screen....

Jakens6185d ago

I'm a bigger fan of the hundreds of leaderboards than achievements. Having both is even better. The "overall leaderboard" may or may not be fair, but I like that idea too.

It other words, whatever choice is made, It's all good for me!!!

TheMART6184d ago

It's all because of Sony's setup of the network. Not unified, put together of different systems. It's a mess. Like PS2 online was a mess.

XBL will have another gen premium service, Sony f*cks up AGAIN

satanslilh3lp3r6184d ago

thats just like most MS fanboys. say something about the ps3 sucks and u havent even seen it yet, nor do u have any proof of ur claims from legitimate factual articles. no one cares about ur opinion if ur just going to talk crap about sony or any other company

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