Ginx- Ryse: Son of Rome Preview

Ginx:The history of Ryse: Son of Rome is almost as turbulent as that of its bloody Empire. Starting off life as a controller-based First Person hack and slasher, it was teased by developers Crytek under the title Codename Kingdoms. A year later it appeared again, this time carrying the name Ryse and now built for Microsoft's Kinect, complete with motion controlled head-butts... Then it disappeared from view while Crytek changed the games perspective to third-person, hoping to better capture the emotion and intensity of battle. Still not happy with the results Crytek, in pursuit of sharper, cleaner combat, scaled back the Kinect interface, returning control to a traditional controller. 3 different iterations, two different control schemes, all leading up to one next-gen title. This is how Ryse: Son of Rome re-emerged at E3 2013, but this time meaner, leaner and ready to put on one hell of a show.

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Neoninja2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Man I can't wait to play this game! Hope they show different gameplay soon and talk about the tactical aspect of the game with your troops.

Daz2005d ago

I can not wait to play this to.

from the beach2004d ago

The tactics part is what I'm looking forward to hearing about too - those formation battles, command your men, etc.

Sound be fantastic!

Drekken2004d ago


I’m on the battlefield. I’m stomping through the corpses of my comrades swinging my sword at anything that moves. I begin a combo, I slash twice and then whooom slow motion is initiated, shit is about to get ‘cinematic’. A button prompt hovers elusively above the sword I’m about to drive into the throat of my enemy… argh I’m too slow! The prompt flickers, disappears.

I missed it. Damn.

But then somehow, for some reason, I still complete the cinematic ‘kill’.


Maybe it’s a bug I think, but no. Next time I deliberately press the wrong button. The kill goes ahead, no consequences. Then I try hitting no buttons whatsoever. The kill goes ahead. I put the controller on the table in front of me, the kill goes ahead.

What is going on here?

I ask one of the Crytek people hovering at the booth – is this a bug? Why am I completing kills when I hit the wrong button prompt? Or, worse, no button at all. Turns out it was a deliberate design choice.

“We don’t want the player to feel frustrated,” I am told.

Drekken2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

*Double post :\

2004d ago