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The Last of Us is a carefully-crafted and beautifully curated masterpiece that encompass pretty much everything that an excellent game should be: stunningly beautiful graphics, a plot that would make for an excellent film, enemies that will scare and frighten the pants off anyone, and character development that’s worth of an Oscar.

No game is perfect and The Last of Us does have some small niggles here and there, but it’s completely forgivable.

Players even remotely interested in the title should definitely add it to their collection.

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nosferatuzodd1976d ago

nice i was just playing it

showtimefolks1976d ago

Enjoy I am gonna get it later today

TheGame1993201976d ago

they are on a roll !! reviews after reviews. congratz ND!

juandren1976d ago

After a melancholic day, I now miss my country even more. Thanks, OP ;)

ufo8mycat1976d ago

I am up to the part where I am in the building where you discover I think its one of the CLicks, dead beside a door. About 20 minutes after meeting Ellie.

So far I am not getting any survival horror vibe. Feels more like action/stealth.

I assume this changes soon?

Raccoon1976d ago

Butt wipe state thats its a spoiler before you talk about the story.... And yeah it gets way more intense when you face a whole bunch of them in the dark with 2 bullets and low health...

Riderz13371976d ago

You're playing the beginning of the game, it slowly builds up. Theres parts where you are facing up to 15+ AI enemies at a time and it gets super intense.