Analyst: PS4 'clearly' topped Xbox One at E3

GameSpot - Robert W. Baird analyst says Sony's showing at this year's conference stronger than Microsoft's, but battle is far from over.

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GamersHeaven1951d ago

Sony pulverized Microsoft at E3.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Basically this.

ps2 era is back

InMyOpinion1951d ago

You don't need to be an analyst to come to that conclusion.

kneon1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

And it wasn't even that Sony did anything particularly spectacular, it's just Microsoft messed up far beyond what anyone would have thought was possible.

The Xbox One product launch is going to end up being a case study in many MBA and marketing courses.

sashimi1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

If they wanted to leave the game industry they could've just said so, not create a multibillion dollar goodbye presentation. Cause thats just how bad they messed up

AceofStaves1951d ago

That's exactly it. Sony's conference was bland, save for the last 20 minutes or so.

CRAIG6671951d ago

E3 for me,Microsoft had the best showing,there are no "winners" and or "losers" just opinions...

GamersHeaven1951d ago

Of course there is Sony won and gamers have spoken with there wallets on what console they wanna buy.

Thomper1951d ago

And there was me thinking it was all about games? XB1 had a really strong line-up, I thought. Titanfall was my fav game of the show

CRAIG6671951d ago

Dude E3 ain't about games, apparently its about a competitive pricing strategy... DOH!

Thomper1951d ago

So it seems... Lolz

Dlacy13g1951d ago

So the take away from E3, Sony had a great press event and stole the show with their price announcement. But MS did one thing right and that was they came and showed great games. Interesting to note that on Gamespot these are their games of show:

Battlefield 4
Bayonetta 2
Fantasia: Music Evolved
Forza Motorsport 5
Mario Kart 8
Rayman Legends
The Crew
The Division
The Witcher 3
Watch Dogs

Missing from that list....any Sony exclusive.

CGI-Quality1951d ago

If you're narrow minded enough to feel that way, go right ahead. What I got from both conferences was confirmation of new games, in addition to policies and price. For that, Sony was head-and-shoulders above where it matters.

P.S. Gamespot is one source. Why not do a universal check around the net for a more accurate representation of the situation?

Dlacy13g1951d ago

As more sources show off their best of E3 of course I will be looking and I have no doubts Sony will show up on other lists. I just found it a bit interesting since I was reading this about the analyst saying Sony won ( even I have been saying Sony won E3 ) and then on that site I saw the link for the list and looked it over. Just interesting that Sony won despite it not being primarily because of the games they showed off.

sashimi1951d ago

lol did a new intern that knows nothing about gaming make that list

jetlian1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

MS messed up on selling the system more than anything. I think they have shown the better games. All the kinect,drm,and price killed them.

Sony didn't show any good new ips. I did pre order ps4 though expecting better MP games such FF15 and MGS5.

Only launch game im looking at is knack. It looks like an ok beat em up. I'll be getting bf4, ac4, WD, and CODG most likely

denawayne1951d ago

Wasn't so clear to me. I'm buying Xbox One because it's my choice. The features alone provided by Xbox One, to me, outweigh those of the PS4. I like the fact that I can switch between games seamlessly without getting up to switch discs, access all my games from any Xbox One anywhere, and lend games to friends without ever going to their house. This is my opinion. Disagree with me all you want if it makes you feel better cause I agree with you that YOU want to buy a PS4. Funny how so many people on this site have called me a sheep. There are many many people on here switching to PS4 not because they've done their homework and clearly know what each system offers but rather have jumped on the hype train and going where everybody else is. That's a clear definition of a sheep. I'm not harping on anybody that was buying a PS4 before E3. Just tired of the Xbox One bashing. It's like the big dumb jock picking on the nerd at school. "Look at me! I'm bigger and stronger. I WIN!!" Give me a break.

Belking1951d ago

"Funny how so many people on this site have called me a sheep."

They call you a sheep because they take it personal when you chose something over sony. But they weren't sheep for paying over $600 dollars for ps3 which has less technology than xbox-one year ago. Same goes for paying for xbox live multi-player. Now that they have to do it, it's not so bad. This the norm here on N4G.

AceofStaves1951d ago

It could also be that those people are concerned about the future of gaming if the XB1 becomes the most popular console.

And it makes no sense to compare the PS3 to the XB1. Compare it to its peer, the 360, and it did, in fact, boast superior tech to the 360.

It's interesting how one of the biggest anti-PS3 rants at launch was about how Sony was supposedly forcing tech on people that they didn't want, and yet now, you MS fans are all about the added value concept. Isn't it funny how things change?

Get over it. People's perceptions change over time.

jetlian1951d ago

actually it didn't when 90 percent 3rd party games ran better on 360. Hell ps4 copying 360 in more ways than one.

Unified ram check, easy programing check, paid for online check,and triggers check. But MS also copied sony im sure

bviperz1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I think it's because when you're not given any options but forced to do it their way and deal with it, that's when you're branded a sheep. All the restrictions plus a higher price tag? And any of the good points about the systems don't quite make up for the taking away of consumer freedoms. Outside of Kinect 2.0, the PC and the PS4 can do what the X Box can. And I can see Microsoft porting the Kinect over to the PC. So why even buy Xbox?

Belking1951d ago

How are you not given any options when it's your choice to buy it or not. We all know the higher price tag is because kinect is included and if sony went the same route theirs would be more expensive too.

I can understand why sony didn't include their camera because it doesn't offer anything close to the functionality of Kinect and it would be a waste because they literally have nothing to support it right now. Whereas kinect is supported right out of the box. Also the ps4 can do what the xbox -one can but not when it comes to TV, user interface, and it's not built around the cloud like xbox-one is. MS cloud stuff will be there day 1 when sony won't have Gaikai ready til sometime next year and we still don't know what level that will be at.

So why buy an xbox you say? Why do people buy apple products when other products do basically the same. It's called brand loyalty. MS has it's own xbox audience just like sony has theirs. No matter what people are still gonna but xbox one regardless of if kinect is their or not.

denawayne1951d ago

"So why even buy Xbox"
"All the restrictions plus a higher price tag?"

Here's a perfect example of somebody who didn't do their homework and only knows what they read in these forums.

Read my post above and you will see what the Xbox One offers and the PS4 does not. Make your own informed decision. Educating yourself equals power. It's pretty enlightening when you do.

bviperz1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Like the ability to buy and sell used games? Or play offline? Or sharing games with more than 10 people? The possibility of backwards compatibility? A diverse group of in-house developers? Maybe you should do your homework?

denawayne1951d ago

MS had already said you will be able to buy and sell used games. My 360 has never been disconnected from the internet. Xbox One and PS4 do not support backwards compatibility. MS has plenty of 1st party developers "Microsoft Studios is investing over $1 billion into exclusive Xbox One games content, twice of that of its competitors."

Anything else?

bviperz1951d ago

Microsoft is still speculating on the details on how buying/selling/trading games is going to work, if at all. Especially on the fees part. The Xbox was made with DRM built in, the PS4 was not, so good luck with that. Your internet never went out, but those who don't have internet or whose internet goes out, can't play some Xbox. How shitty is that? And investing more money does not mean you'll get more great 1st party exclusives. When was the last great 1st party exclusive to come out for the 360? Because I can name one that just came out for the PS3.

bviperz1951d ago

Oh, and at least Sony said they're looking into backwards compatibility by using emulation and Gaikai cloud streaming. Microsoft flat out said no.

denawayne1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Let's get this clear up front. I'm not making any arguements that the Xbox One is a better choice than the PS4 for anybody but myself. I assume you're buying the PS4. That's awesome. I love games and technology. The PS4 seems like a great system. I will own it someday. Maybe you and a lot of people on this site need to ask yourself "why am I constantly on Xbox One articles bashing the system when I clearly know that I will be buying a PS4?" It would be like me going on a Ford related website and arguing that Chevy is better.

Anyways, back to the topic. Yes, MS has not given final clarification on used games. I generally don't buy used games but it's nice knowing MS will support it in some way. DRM is a necessity to allow the features mentioned above.MS has also said that you can have the Xbox One check in using a cell phone. Not all games require broadband. I really don't care about people who don't have internet. It doesn't affect me. It would be like hating on car companies because some people don't have access to roads. Not gonna get into about exclusives. There were plenty of games to play on 360. Exclusive or not. Last, I will put my 360 in my den for my kids and my Xbox One in my Living room. If I want to play old games I can use my 360. Plus, I don't remember the last time I put an original Xbox game into my 360.

Notice how I don't attack the PS4? I don't need to. I'm secure with my decision and you should be, too

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