You Thought You Were Excited About Mirror’s Edge 2? Listen to This Guy.

Kotaku - Shockwaves rippled all over the video game internet when EA closed out their E3 press conference with a reveal of Mirror’s Edge 2. And, after careful investigation, scientists believe they may have located the epicenter of the fanquake. We can't see this young man's eyes but I'll bet money that they were wet. May we all be so enthusiastic about the games yet to be

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nick3091978d ago

Almost like he got laid.

georgeenoob1978d ago

Wow get a f*cking life, seriously what a loser.

crxss1977d ago

and here i thought my reaction was intense. no doubt it was a great day though, as was the FFXV and KH3 announcements

Talamak1978d ago

He really needs some pussy...the only sedative to his gamer orgasm

theWB271978d ago

Can't imagine what it'll be like when he actually gets the game in his possession. Geez...

Mounce1977d ago


Eidolon1978d ago

That has to be fake...

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The story is too old to be commented.