Review: The Last of Us (DarkZero)

"After the reveal of The Last of Us and hearing that the extremely talented people at Naughty Dog were behind this new IP, I was never going to be concerned if this was going to be a decent game. Just look at the studio’s history and you can see that quality is something they have refined, from Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter to their latest Indiana Jones-esque trilogy of the Uncharted franchise. All are great in their own way. My concern was if Naughty Dog could pull off a serious, down-to-earth, post-apocalyptic setting. The studio hasn't done anything like this before, so I was expecting it to feel similar to Uncharted. But oh boy, from gameplay to the story, how completely wrong I was to worry."

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xHeavYx1954d ago

My copy is on the way, can't wait!

Sharius1954d ago

10 hour 30 minutes download left

and ppl said i can begin to play this game when it hit 50%, so that mean more than 5 hours left :((

Domstercool1954d ago

It's such a fantastic game and it's so emotionally draining - not just in relation to the characters, but the gameplay itself too. Quality stuff. :)

Riderz13371954d ago

5 hours wow why does it take you so long lol. You need about 60% of the game downloaded to start it and it only took me an hour 20 minutes to dl 60% of the game.

Sharius1954d ago

yeah that suck huh? because of that seemlike MS don't want me to buy xbone so i guess my money will go to PS4 instead :))

Walker1954d ago

Yes, another 10 in metacritic !

nrvalleytime1954d ago

It's completely deserved. I've been a 360 owner since launch, but I finally broke down and purchased a PS3 for this game. What little time I have for gaming will be spent on this amazing game.

fossilfern1954d ago

Anyone getting that Auto Save bug ? i lost about 20 mins of progress.

Drakesfortune1954d ago

try losing nearly 3 and worst game ever!!!

cant play any more until this bug is fixed

fossilfern1954d ago

Yeah I just jumped off it there now. Pretty disappointing :/. Going to wait for a patch too

iNcRiMiNaTi1954d ago

Same here, just lost like 2 1/2 hours of progress :(

claterz1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I just played this game for like 3 hours straight, looked on here to see there was a save bug, then when I pressed start I see that it just says "Autosaving. Please Wait..."

Seriously what the hell do we do? If I complete the game without turning the PS3 off will it let me save at the end? I love this game but playing the last 3 hours again isn't gonna be much fun...

Just quit the game and started it up again, I only lost about 20 minutes out of a 3 hour session, PHEW!
Won't be playing it again until they patch it just in case it wipes the whole thing!

manaxknight11954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

games have come such a long way to reach this point and the efforts of naughty dog blur the line between game and film. this game is a great example of that.

o-Sunny-o1954d ago

Is anyone getting a glitch where it keeps skipping I'm scared my PS3 is going out.. :(

FPSRUSSIA1954d ago

hasnt happened to me yet sorry to say these it might be your ps3

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