Why Praise For The PS4 And Criticism Of Xbox One Are Vastly Overdone

A couple of days ago Steven Spielberg and George Lucas sat on the stage at the USC School of Cinematic Arts and bemoaned the state of the movie industry – and in the process articulated a view on the future of video games: it will be dominated by women’s tastes and priorities.

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xHeavYx1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Forbes seems to be bipolar sometimes. But hey, MS people can keep their $500 brick and these directors (who seem to think that every game is like COD and probably never heard of Journey or Heavy Rain) can keep dissing video games. I'll be at home having a great time with my gaming machine

wishingW3L1979d ago

he is a contributor not a Staff member from Forbes. This is just a user blog like those people write here on N4G.

Anon19741978d ago

Yeah, these Forbes "contributor" pieces tend to be all over the place.

As mentioned above, games like Heavy Rain show there's a commitment at Sony to deliver just the type of experience that Lucas and Spielberg were going on about. We haven't seen these types of games really supported by Microsoft so far and the games that could be considered in this genre (Alan Wake for example) don't perform all that well on the Xbox.

As for Microsoft somehow future proofing by including TV integration, there's a key problem with this that the article doesn't address. The shift he's talking about would require people to buy a $500 box to augment their cable box. Who's going to do that? They've already shelled out for their cable boxes and PVR's, they aren't looking to further complicate the situation, which as much as Microsoft would like you to believe that the Xbox One would simplify things, it does no such thing. It just adds another layer, which isn't what people are looking for.

Moonman1979d ago

Overdone or overdue? ;p

PSVita1978d ago

Overdue for sure. MS showed a good amount of games at E3 but they also haven't released almost anything unrelated to halo and gears in the past 3 years so I'd hope they have a something by now. If Sony had done the same, games like UC3, The Last Of Us, GT6 could have all been launch title but they actually support their systems.

NYC_Gamer1979d ago

MS came hard at E3 with tons of software but the restrictions hurt XB1 in my eyes

Gravitic1979d ago

If restrictions let me share digital games to my friends, then I'm all for it:)

fooltheman1979d ago

Even playstation 3 could share digital content.

Hellsvacancy1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

You can share your digital content now, well me and my mates do, Ive got three very goods friends (that ive never actually met) that share their PS+ stuff with me, one friend in the US, AU and UK

All the stuff I buy I share with them, and other friends, yeah it can be a pain deactivating accounts but meh

By the sounds of it its going to be the same on the PS4, and not to forget, I can still share my other games by hand

Gravitic1979d ago

You can't play 2 copies at the same time:D

Gravitic1979d ago

I can share Dead Rising 3 with my Brother and we can both play with only one copy, fantastic, benefits of going digital peoples;D

Dee_911979d ago

So partially owning a game is worth playing a shared game at the same time as your mate?
Thats indeed a good feature but it can be done without the restrictions and mandatory requirements and therefore in my opinion isnt worth it

tiffac0081979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

As long as the share feature in not behind any Paywall then that should be good. Otherwise lending and borrowing your physical media to a friend without any cost tops that.

PSVita1978d ago

No joke, I swear some people are having mental breakdowns over the fact that MS has messed up the Xbox.

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cervantes991979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

True, but most won't be available at launch which makes me wonder what will be available at launch? What do I buy if I'm not a racing fan? Ryse doesn't interest me. Killer Instinct would be a must buy but I'm afraid that would be it.

Sony at least has a few decent titles at launch along with some interesting F2P titles. I preordered 4 titles with my PS4. Haven't preordered any XBone titles yet.

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1979d ago Replies(3)
sonic9891979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

i cant say other than microsoft asked for it
as if they challenged the gamers telling them : ok we are doing that do you have a problem .
thank god gamers responded probably and thank you sony for making us proud

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