DayZ Set To Arrive On PS4, But Could Skip Xbox One Due To Microsoft Restrictions

Dean Hall has suggested that his standalone version of Arma 2 mod DayZ, intended for PC and next gen consoles, might not be released on Xbox One due to publishing and patching restrictions.

Microsoft does not allow indies to self publish and charges for patches, while on PS4, issuing a patch is free, and indies can publish titles themselves, says Hall.

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xHeavYx2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Keep 'em coming Indie developers, there is no reason to be treated like a POS from a company who only cares about money

komp2972d ago

All I can hear is *BOOM* from Kevin Butler.

abzdine2972d ago

Exclusives baby!!

Greatness awaits

Blachek2972d ago

Watching the video on the article, and the 1st post... I agree with it.

It looks like they are just replicating the mod into a stand alone game. Looks better, but I think they are going to replicate the clumsiness that plagued the enjoyment of the game from me to appease their current fans.

I don't think it will wind up being anything special.

MysticStrummer2972d ago

"I think they are going to replicate the clumsiness that plagued the enjoyment of the game from me to appease their current fans."

From the footage I've seen, I agree and it's too bad. I still want to try it out though because at it's best it looks pretty tense. Seeing other players and not knowing whether to try and join them or hide. It just sucks when stupid things happen to kill the immersion. I also wish there were more zombies.

Mounce2972d ago

Excuse me for a moment while I lose track of a consensus and reduce my normal unbiased opinion.....

BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....Oooh- how I wish the same was for Witcher 3 since Microsoft is fucking over the Polish potentially....

Kevin ButIer2971d ago

DayZ would be a great addition to the ps4 library, I was so amazed with all the indie developers presented by sony at E3... this indie seeder thing its going to be ke in the next years in terms of content

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Persistantthug2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Even developers are starting to hate it.

It's kind of sad.

Almost gives credence to the "3rd console curse" theory/legend.

Blachek2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

XB1 is gonna lose Geometry Wars??!!!?!? lol

I don't think the mass exodus of indie developers will occur that PS users are prophesying. Some I'm sure will jump ship, but it's part of the business. It will go both ways, and settle down a couple years into the generation.

Serg2972d ago


Sony is allowing them to self publish on the PS4 now, which "indie" actually stands for, independent of a publisher.

This is like their wet dreams came true, I've heard so many of them are frustrated with the PC. They have no real method of distribution there, no standardized payment method, no marketing. It's gotten a lot better because of how popular the humble indie bundle has become. But it still remains a gamble whether or not your games will get the desired exposure, regardless of how good they are. All they can do is hope that people find their game on the internet, without real marketing, buy it, like it and then talk about it to raise awareness. Where as with a console, their game is on the dedicated store for everyone to see and purchase with existing payment methods being handled for them.

A lot of indie games will come to PS4, this is something I can easily predict without the need for a crystal ball.

WeedyOne2972d ago


You ever heard of Steam?

Enemy2972d ago

There are going to be endless indie games on PS4. It's amazing to see so many indie developers talk about the PS4 the way they've been doing. I'd day one both DayZ and Arma 2 on PS4, no hesitation.

Blachek2972d ago

They won't skip XB1 lol

It's too simple to port with such similar components in both systems. Unless they do it out of spite and don't mind missing on sales. It's not like DayZ is going to sell either console. They need to focus on getting their product into as many hands as possible, and making it less clumsy and smoother than the Arma 2 mod it began as.

Enemy2972d ago

Uh, if Microsoft keeps up the restrictions it WILL skip Xbox One, lol. I know it's hard to accept but if DayZ has to be stripped down to a point where it's no longer even the same game, Dean Hall won't bother wasting his time on Xbox One. He's had nothing positive to say about Xbox One so far. He doesn't even acknowledge Xbox Ones' existence in interviews.

Monkeysmarts2972d ago

Everyone defending the Xbox One keeps saying these indie games are crappy and no one cares and they won't sell any systems.

Blachek2972d ago

Hard to accept? I could care less about Day Z, I was interested in playing it on PC and disappointed. Great concept, however the combination of learning curve and fact my computer stunk made it too difficult to get into.

What would need to be "stripped" from the game to get it to run on XB1. It's not pushing the limitations of the console. Short of Sony paying them to create it only for PS4, it doesn't make sense not to port it to XB1 and enjoy both consoles.

Persistantthug2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

There's also the issue of the updates costing too much on the XBOX platforms.

Those things would need to be fixed on the XBOX.

And then remember, Microsoft has always had the policy of not allowing indie games on their console if it's been released on another console first.

So The later issue becomes a problem for DAY Z if Microsoft fails to address the first 2 issues before DAY Z launches on the PS4.

NateCole2971d ago

What part of self publishing you don't understand?.

BlaqMagiq242971d ago

What's the point of selling it on XB1 if all the money goes into patches huh? Did you stop to think about that?

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Mystogan2972d ago

It will come just like minecraft did. Yes we have minecraft both on 360 and One.

DayZ looks very boring to me. I don't see what people like about it.

FantasyStar2972d ago

There's a lot of The Walking Dead(TWD) fans I suppose.

Saryk2972d ago

Because when you die, that is it. That scared the shit out of me when I play.

Dayz is the only game were you could live in The Walking Dead world, for real!

aliengmr2972d ago

Consider for a minute that it was so popular that it got far more people to buy and play ARMA 3, which is a VERY niche game.

ARMA was not created for mass appeal in any way, yet DayZ comes along and ARMA 3 was at the top of Steam's top sellers list for weeks.

Having played ARMA I was amazed it got so many to buy it. Its a great game, but its not for everyone.

KwietStorm_BLM2972d ago

Yea but Minecraft is so glorious...

MysticStrummer2971d ago

"DayZ looks very boring to me"

Compared to the constant thrills of Minecraft any game would look boring.

(please tell me I don't need /s after that)

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ThatCanadianGuy5142972d ago

Don't worry, i won't be making my way to xbone anytime soon.

Cryptcuzz2972d ago

And the game, the man, the legend... has spoken!!!

Heartnet2971d ago

from a company that only cares about money...

Id love to see any buisiness that this isnt there sole care and ill tell you they wont be in it for long

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Mr_Nuts2972d ago

You know Sony's policies are going to even tempt developers who have only developed for MS to switch sides eventually.

Thats the thing with MS, developers aren't with them because they like MS, they are there because MS paid them to. They can't keep paying devs forever.

ssj272972d ago

I will love insomniac to made a game with no publishers and see what they got..

they been jumping from SONY EA and now M$..

Bonerboy2972d ago

Good riddance. Ill be playing this on PC, regardless it is a great day for future PS4 owners. Very cool game.
I also hope devs switch sides after their "contract" with MS expires.

...And.....They can keep paying devs if the millions of mouth breathing morons keep buying MS crap.

nick3092972d ago

I have 1 word...... Exclusives!

Blackdeath_6632972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

sony doesn't need to make it exclusive the developer (as things stand) is only willing to have the game on ps4 and for understandable reasons. DayZ will have alot of update to make sure its running smooth on console and being charged $10,000 every time for that is absurd. he will also require a publisher and have had sold a considerable amount of retail copies before he can put the game on xbox. at the moment MS is doing a good job at making any future console DayZ game a sony exclusive

Mystogan2972d ago

No it doesn't work like that. There is an Indie program. You don't need to have sold a million copies to get your game on Xbox.

They also promised to make the process easier for devs.

Blackdeath_6632972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

they have promised and said a lot of stuff beside this indie program you are talking about involve microsoft itself publishing indies through microsoft studios because of the rule THEY THEMSELVES put in that games on xbox live require a publisher which defeats the purpose of an indie dev in the first place independent developers are people who make games without the financial support of a publisher so a publisher requirement is absurd and cannot exist within the boundaries of logic and reason that MS does not appear to have

Monkeysmarts2972d ago

Really? I must have missed that, because I just read that MS isn't changing their XBLA policy at all. They can swear up and down that they love indies, but until they mirror Steam and Sony's open policies nobody cares what they say.

SexyGamerDude2972d ago

And Microsoft are still out there claiming they are for Indie Developers.

TheGrimReaper00112972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

well they clearly showed that at E3!
By bringing the best selling indie game on the Xbox one! -_-
I mean, what did sony do to show their support?
Besides having 9 indie games on ps4 first? =p

Mystogan2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Yes they are. There are more indie games on Xbox then on PS3.

Microsoft is the one who came up with the idea in the first place. Then Sony copied as usual.

A lot of Indies have a fine relationship with Microsoft.

You guys act like you're going to buy all indie games. But truth is most indie games suck. And you know it. You guys are now just using them as an argument because Microsoft doesn't have selfpublishing.

isarai2972d ago

Steam had indie games market before Xbox, and Indie games were still in existence FAR before steam. It's not a matter of copying, it's a matter of progression, why would you ignore games you could put on your market?

Of coarse not everyone is going to have the same experience, but it's more often then not that i hear about shitty business relationships between indies and MS.

And yeah you got a point, not every indie game sells a lot, and not every indie game hits the mark, but at least they are making what they want and giving players an experience many publishers are to scared to make.

T22971d ago

Not everyone is going to buy any one game thats why a console needs diversity

NYC_Gamer2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

XB1 is too expensive for indies

Enemy2972d ago

No self-publishing + other restrictions = no point in releasing anything on the console.

Blachek2972d ago

Consumers of this product spend too much money for us to bother tapping into their market share...?