Why the Xbox One Will Still be a Massive Success

Microsoft took some risks with it's latest console, the Xbox One. Perhaps enough risks to sink the machine entirely. The backlash in the gaming community has been resounding. Core players don't appear to be happy with the decisions Microsoft has made.

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Lou-Cipher1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

All the LAUNCH X1s will sell out, but once people get them home and realize what a piece of garbage it is, it's sells numbers will drop dramatically.

PS4 will outsell it 3/1 in US/Can/UK, and 15/1 in Asian countries, and 6/1 in Most of Europe. Once the general public figure out that it wont work without an online connection, it will all fall apart for MS.

Xbox one will not sell more than the original Xbox. It is to expensive for the Casuals/TV enthusiast, and they have really upset the Core Gamers. It will have a decent launch, but it will surely fizzle out soon after.

lnvisibleMan1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Getting a ps4 at launch but where did you come up with these ratios. 'PS4 will outsell it 3/1 in US/Can/UK, and 15/1 in Asian countries, and 6/1 in Most of Europe'

Lou-Cipher1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Just a guess based on reactions to both products, and their huge price gaps. For every one person that likes the X1, There are 20 that are condemning it.

Who, outside of hardcore MS fans are going to want an Xbox One? Word of mouth sure wont help sell Xbox Ones.

I just don't see casuals spending $500 for a console, and $500 is just way too much for an advanced TV box as well. Wii did well because it was cheap, and Nintendo have a very large exclusive game library.

NewMonday1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

the US pre-orders right now look like 3-2 for the PS4, that alone is a big breakthrough for Sony, even with the power, price and indy developer support they would never have hoped to break 50% before the MS suicide.

as for Europe half will be 1-0 because the XB1 will not release in many countries. Asia will also be 1-0.

SuperLupe1953d ago

It will be a success because of the games.

I wont be getting one with 500$ price tag but I know I will end up buying one when the price goes down for the simple reason that it has games that I do not want to miss out and that can't be played on a PS4.

And it's the same for a lot of other people, its just that they dont camp on N4G all day to shout it out loud.

I have both 360 and PS3 for the exact same reason. I am a sucker for games, good games, so I just cant help it.

I know that the urge to experience those games will overcome my discomfort with MS XOne policies. But Im an adult and I choose to do what I want with my money and in all consciousness.

pompombrum1953d ago

I'm not so sure how much of a success it will be.. With gamestop looking to protect themselves from customer backlash and trying to inform every potential buyer of the restrictions, that's going to cost them big as I imagine many parents in particular will be using those sort of shops to buy the consoles for their children for Christmas.

Same story with UK's version of gamestop, GAME. Went in their today and at the waiting area and tills, all I could notice (albeit not paying all that much attention) were ps4 preorder signs. I also overheard one employee talking to a customer about how Sony destroyed Microsoft.

Overall, shops like Gamestop and GAME will prove vital if Microsoft want to persuade the masses that the Xbone should be their next console of choice. If they feel the ps4 offers a significant financial advantage for them, I think they're going to push that a whole lot more.

mcstorm1953d ago

@SuperLupe nice to see someone thinking as a gamer and not a fan boy. At the moment the WiiU/Xbox One and PS3 have the most games I want and I own a Wiiu and ps3 so I will be getting a one and picking a PS4 up later on next year.

I know more people who want a xbox one over a PS4 and you can never go off what you read online esp on here as this was the same site where people were slagging off the 3DS and saying the PSV would outsell it but it did not turn out that way.

NatureOfLogic1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

@ mcstorm "nice to see someone thinking as a gamer and not a fan boy."

Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe people are "thinking" as a consumer with rights, "thinking" about privacy concerns and the future of gaming? No game is worth my freedom as a consumer to own something that I purchased with my hard earned money.

I know that all of you Xbox (I don't what you are this point) supporters wish to act like the flaws of Xbox one don't exist, but guess what, they do. It's not about the games right now.

abzdine1953d ago

First off, x1 is skipping way too many countries at launch, so talk about massive success!

Greatness awaits

tuglu_pati1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )


I agree and disagree, obviously games will be part of it, IMO the core gamer will buy the PS4 first, at least the majority of them and I know for sure they will end up buying the Xbox later (if you are a real gamer you'll buy both). But as we all know the Xbox One is also targeting the casual crowd (with the TV, ESPN partnerships and all the fantasy teams stuff, not needing a controller, multitasking, in game skype, etc..)

Who is the casual crowd? they are the ones who made the Wii a success and in my opinion they are the ones who will make the Xbox One a success. Why? because the Xbox One have the next big gimmick which is what attract this kind of customer. Add to that heavy advertising and you have a potential successful product.

Blankolf1953d ago

Last time i checked 29,000 voted for PS4 and 1,500 voted for X1, so yeah, there are your ratios..

HammadTheBeast1953d ago

I’ve decided to preform a scientific experiment with regards to Cliffy B’s statements. I simulated the non-existent dude bro idiot by drinking heavily and smashing my head in my head in a car door until I could no longer remember my social security number or the scientific method. Unfortunately, I could still tell the difference between $400 and $500, and read the amazon page that listed CoD ghosts as coming to both 360 and PS3. Therefore I still have no reason to buy an XBone, or if I’m this hypothetical proto-idiot even a PS4.See, the “core” group that microsoft pissed off are the ones who get worked up about the whole console war thing, Billy McDouchehat who only plays x-box for CoD has no such brand loyalty. He just wants CoD and he doesn’t really care how he gets it. Microsoft is still going to get spanked by this unless they can either win back the “core” gamers or lower the price enough for people who don’t really care as much to buy the xbone over the PS4.

Ilovetheps41953d ago


I have to get both to consider myself a real gamer? Really? I won't buy the Xbox One because it will affect gaming negatively in the future. I don't like DRM. I don't want it, so I refuse to purchase an Xbox One. And that makes me not a gamer? Being a gamer is about having fun while you play games.

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Leio1954d ago

Sony got the best possible start ever But dont underestimate the power marketing and dumb people in large groups.

Lou-Cipher1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

True, but advertising only goes so far. Word of mouth is what gets consoles into the 30Million+ range. Word of mouth is going cripple the Xbox One, not help it.

NatureOfLogic1953d ago

Keep in mind that no console in the history of gaming has got as much negative feedback as the Xbox one. It might start off with good sales like the WiiU, and months later fail to sell anything. Long term numbers in the future can be extremely bad according to popular opinion right now.

CrossingEden1953d ago

so just because they have different tastes they are dumb, wow -_-

dethpuck1953d ago

Yep agree with the dumb people. Sony is stagnant and people can't think for themselves. They don't understand microsofts new Xbox family will be laughing in party chat as we play our shared games and never visit gamestop again.

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Intentions1954d ago

We'll see. If anything [most] people know what they are getting.

Your opinionated conclusions are really something aren't they.

aceitman1953d ago

I won't be surprised if Japan stores will even sell it.

Ron_Danger1953d ago

They won't at launch. Asia gets XBox One in 2014

Gildarts1953d ago

Actually Microsoft's goal is to become like steam. Offer games at stupendous prices and that can only be done when you kill used games and DRM protection. They only didn't go discless because of fans.

tuglu_pati1953d ago

good find! I wonder why this kind of articles wont feature in N4G?

SexyGamerDude1953d ago

This is from an "anonymous" source. I want to see these word's come from MS's mouth. Or else it's BS.

Gaming_Guru1953d ago

The smart thing to do would be offer all the disk based games online at a cheaper price than to offer disk based games that are just local digital downloads.

It's backwards thinking, if you really think about it.

hazardman1953d ago

Moronic fanboy crap! The original sold what 20/25 mil. And you guys truly believe that its not gonna sell more than that. Come on now!

NextGen24Gamer1953d ago

Although the Xbox One is less powerful than the PlayStation 4, it should actually be capable of more impressive graphical output. Game developers can shift some of the processing power to Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s cloud servers, and combined with the Xbox One’s local processing prowess, deliver superior games.
And as technology progresses, the Xbox One should only improve -- cloud servers should become ever more capable. Meanwhile, broadband Internet speeds are steadily increasing (Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Fiber) meaning that, eventually, games could be handled completely in the cloud.
This would thus render the idea of a console obsolete. Rather than buy a new, $500 box every five years or so, consumers could simply stick with the Xbox One -- potentially forever.

tuglu_pati1953d ago


You know the gamestop thing is a rumor, right?

360degrees1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I also believe it will be a massive success due to several factors. Namely that Microsoft has managed to successfully encompass not just the core gaming audience, but the casual market has also been successfully embraced. With this factor alone there is no possible way the Xbox One can fail, as contrary to popular belief, the casual gamer is not terribly concerned with the minuscule issues(nitpicking)of the more hard core market segment.

tuglu_pati1953d ago

You are making too much sense. Where do you think u are? This is N4G.

AceofStaves1953d ago

Domestically, it will do well, but I doubt it will be as successful as the 360 was in the global market. First off, it's only launching in specific countries. Secondly, its digital entertainment licenses, etc., are US-focused and, given the nature of international licensing agreements, may never become usable outside the US. And finally, public perception and word-of-mouth can go along way.

Just look at the rocky start the PS3 had at the start of this gen. It was considered too expensive by most, even though stand-alone BD players at that time cost over $1,000. MS, at least, has a stronger launch lineup of software than PS3 did,, but that price tag is still a problem that could affect its sales figures.

rainslacker1953d ago

Perhaps you haven't noticed that the core gaming audience isn't too keen on the X1. And I can't see the casual audience dropping $500 on the X1. The casual audience still tend to think of video games as a toy, or have other routes to get their gaming needs...such as smart phones or Facebook. The Wii gaming fad has long since passed, and the casual market isn't what it used to be on consoles. Nor do the casual market spend that much on games to begin with, so from a software perspective it doesn't help MS.

That leaves the TV watching market that also plays games. Are they willing to spend $500 on a gimmicky remote control? Time will tell.

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D-riders1953d ago

I agree I dont believe xbox one will sell better than the original. i kno wtons of people who had a xbox orginal who arent getting the xbox one. MS is in trouble they better beleive it. They only have one produc tin te top 15 on amazon after e3 that is bad.

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kassler1954d ago

Why don't they show some evidence of this incredible power of the clouds. Because a lot of people say it's bs.

Foxgod1953d ago

You are overeacting, it will make a difference, but only when developers start making use of it.

And Thats when the XB1 part of the azure cloud is big enough, they are still in the process of building it up.

Ron_Danger1953d ago

Ah yes... The all powerful cloud... The same cloud computing technology that Sony already confirmed that developers can use in the PS4 if they wanted to.

DragonKnight1953d ago

How is he overreacting by stating a fact? They keep touting it as this all powerful trump card they have (even though Sony has it too) but at this point it's all talk.

Besides, who wants always-online single player games?

Foxgod1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Problem is, Gaikai is nowhere near as big as Azure, and the Gaikai client software is not as advanced as MS their cloud terminal software.

On top of that, MS got an army of cloud developers constantly improving the software of the service.
Remember that MS is a giant software company, they are as big in software, as Sony is in Hardware, and cloud tech is mostly software.

So the question is, can Sony gaikai maintain it?
I personally think not.

Just because Sony broke a promise, doesnt mean MS will.
besides, i already knew the cell was marketing crock.
Cloud technology however is a thing of the future, it will become a standard everywhere.
Cell was never intended to become a standard, hence why the ps4 jumped to a different architechture.

Galacticos1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

"You are overeacting, it will make a difference, but only when developers start making use of it. "

That's exactly what playstation fanboys said about the Cell back in the day.

By the way, PS4 day one for me :)

NewMonday1953d ago


the "cloud" are glorified defecated servers nothing more, nothing new.

Foxgod1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I never said they are new.
Clouds only just became feasable to create, thanks to hardware becoming cheaper and the increase in network speed.

Also, its not just a dedicated server, its a decentralized network linked together by cloud software.

Its basically a form of Wide area network thats steered by software, in which servers can be added and removed realtime, and assigned to several load balancing units.

ginsunuva1953d ago

I'm pretty sure 99% of tech companies these days use the cloud. It's just a fancy word for the internet, thrown around to make dumb people think there's magic involved.

DragonKnight1953d ago

Foxgod you're basing this off nothing more than your own personal belief and the fact that Microsoft are a software company. There are no facts to know about Azure other than it's being overly hyped and hasn't been showcased yet. It's one of those "believe it when you see it" situations.

And unlike Microsoft, Sony doesn't need Gaikai to prop up their console's flaws. Gaikai is largely going to be used for content delivery and storage. That has definite advantages over using the cloud as a computational resource.

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Moonman1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

This must be a friend of Michael Pachter because he's dead wrong. It's going to be a massive something ; a success it won't be compared to PS4. Hopefully they pull a profit while their customers get no resell value in what they buy. Sad.

TheDarpaChief1953d ago

Never thought i'd see the day of a republican gaming system. The poor keep getting poorer and the rich.... well they're just stupid

bub161953d ago

becuase people are fools or people buying the xbone not realising how shite it is

swerve1211953d ago

So the X1 is sh%t because they wanna stop pirating? All there people screaming PS4 not even gonna buy 1 until its 299.99 cheap MF.

bub161953d ago

erm, how is microsofts move stopping pirating? microsoft are just trying to have 100% control over you and get every penny from you, there is a reason sony aren't doing the same silly mistakes as microsoft

unless youve been living under a rock for the last month, you can clearly see the xbone is not as popular as the PS4 for a reason!

listen to the consumers, not what microsoft tells you.

Give me one good reason why i should buy an xbox one? because i cant see any!!!!

Forza and Halo? no thanks

swerve1211953d ago

M$ are just being crucified for trying to fight against pirates.

bub161953d ago

explain this pirate situation