Dynasty Warriors Producer: “XBox One Is Just Plain Expensive”

The XBox One and the PS4 will set you back $499 and $399, respectively but if you think next gen consoles are a bit too pricey, you’re not alone.

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Blackdeath_6632004d ago

for what it offers to the gamer it is expensive

Mr_Nuts2004d ago

Least at the time the PS3 while expensive was a blu ray player the time when they were REALLY expensive and that was just one of many features.

abzdine2004d ago

In other words, PS4 ftw. X1 is getting to much hate right now, that's a pure result of their arrogance.

Greatness awaits

xxLuckyStrike2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Expensive and I could still be LOCKED OUT by MS if I didnt check in online. Loved the 360. But Not gonna invest thousands into the Xbox ONE and be subject to gaming lockouts!!!! MS I got a cable box and a Laptop, so im straight with what your really pushing. MS You said you were listening, but you wernt cause if you had heard us for the last 3 years KINECT WOULD BE AN ACCESSORY DRM CHECKS WOULD BE SUPER RAMDOM IF ANY AT ALL, THE XBOne would be a sexy piece of hardware (PS4), that shit you got right now belongs in the attic packed away next to the VHS!!

Word is outt tho MS better change some things fast!!! Despite your pompus attitudes

Perjoss2004d ago

It is expensive, but that is not even the biggest problem with the console, not even close.

wishingW3L2004d ago

he says that both are expensive... It seems he wants the consoles to be free or something.

GamersRulz2004d ago

It irritates me when people complain about console prices!

look at Tablets and phones for example, $600 is a norm and nobody are complaining?!

I just don't understand anymore.

Gravitic2004d ago

agreed, cruddy Apple products people will shell out a ton for, a next-gen gaming experience yet is too ''pricey'' for 400 dollars.

kreate2004d ago

Cuz games are for kids... /s
IPhones are what 'mommy' wants.

Drekken2004d ago

$399.00 for something that should have a lifespan of 10 years is not expensive.

Honest_gamer2004d ago

hope there's a big jump in DW series from current to next gen more on the screen but more importantly get the graphics up to date thats the main thing

DEEBO2004d ago

DW should go open world like other franchise are doing.but you have to setup camp,take care of the sick and wounded,hunt for food and rebuild the land that you took over in you're conquest of power.

Honest_gamer2003d ago

that would be awesome but i can see that being some sort of empires spin of.

from the beach2004d ago

They're both more expensive than I'd hoped!

People said Wii U was too much at £300..

Why o why2004d ago

Probably because of the tech inside to be fair

hankmoody2004d ago

The PS4 is cheaper because Sony was smart enough not to package the crap camera they're putting out to compete with the technologically superior Kinect 2.0. I know I'm gonna get disagrees for that because right now its fashionable to hate the Xbox One but if you decide to disagree, I'd LOVE to hear your reasoning as to exactly why I'm wrong.

Why o why2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

You're right sony were smart enough to give their customers an option as opposed to 'not so smart' microsoft who forced a 'crap camera' down their customers throat lol.

Get back to me when this superior kinect 2.o can play a game like killzone3 adequately without a pad like the 1.o move can....

hellzsupernova2004d ago

Agreed, and I thank Sony for that who wants a camera always watching, always listening

DEEBO2004d ago

you're right.MS made weaker hardware and went with a new camera,while sony went with better hardware and ok camera.only time will tell who made the better who am i kidding.nobody really cares about the kinect camera.

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