Nintendo at E3 2013: Quickly Becoming A New Tradition of Disappointment

MediaStinger: "Nintendo had a pre-taped broadcast right before E3 started to make sure that absolutely nothing could go wrong. And in a sign of true desperation, Nintendo will be only having a few third-party exclusives like Bayonetta 2 and is once again rehashing all of their most popular franchises to try to keep the dying console alive… for now."

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CaptainYesterday1954d ago

I think the Nintendo fans are pretty happy with what they showed, personally I was hoping for that big surprise title but that didn't happen. I really wish Nintendo would go grab a ton of Indies and also go find some Indie studios to work on existing Nintendo ips or even create a new ip.

Aceman181954d ago

I had no problems with it they showed me 3 titles I would definitely get without hesitation in

Mario 3D Land
Zelda WW HD

And two maybes in
Donkey Kong

The rest I wasn't too interested in, but for others its great for them.

BullyMangler1954d ago

infamous gameplay for the ps4 was so freakin rad

but nintendo = bayonetta gameplay damn outrageous boss fights and gamepad stylus controlls that amazingly work!, and new Donkey Kong game damn sweet original IMMERSIVE bLasting gameplay and fuzzy hairs the DK, and Monolith soft X makes developers jelous ha!, smash bros = megaman? yeah, Wonderful 101 new INTUATIVE gamepad mechanics, mario kart 8 plays next GEN, pikmin 3 plays next GEN etc etc

nintendo did better than the rest except for their underwhelming new mario wiiU game poop

microsoft = generic caca

= Nintendo did better than ALL < fact

gk071954d ago

i wanted to see metroid, butt what they showed i liked after watching a few trailers im excited now ,could of been better butt ill take what i can get : ) stuff looks good tho

_QQ_1954d ago

They are trying to sell systems right now, DKR sold way more than Metroid, and Mario 3D land is what picked up the 3DS, so their lineup actually makes sense.

MoveTheGlow1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Well, let's be real here, DKR was done right, and Metroid: Other M, while having some interesting stuff, was mostly a ton of crap. While DKR had you waggle the Wii-mote to do a stomp attack, that's nothing compared to the weird "Okay, now change your perspective by pointing this faulty remote at the screen and hope that it recognizes the action" crap. DKR was a pitch-perfect return to form for the series.

And then there was the presentation. Oh man, was Other M a waste of dialogue. The absolute worst reason why Samus didn't have her powers, too.

Oh, but who developed DKR? Retro. Who developed Other M? Post-Ninja Gaiden 2 Team Ninja. Ugh. If they just got Retro to make a new, atmospheric, none-of-this-gimmicky-BS Metroid, sales would explode.

In fact, just put Platinum on it. At least they, unlike Team Ninja, still know how to make a game.

_QQ_1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Metroid prime 3 only sold 1.65 M, i loved it, and thats what i wanted from Retro on wiiu, but DKR sold i think 8M, Nintendo's goal right now is to grow the install base.DKTF will still be amazing as will Mario 3D world. DK comes out in october and 3D world december, so hopefully they get started on new projects soon.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1954d ago

Platinum wants to do Star Fox/ Lylat Wars -
-I think Nintendo should let them, it would be like a free exclusive- and Nintendo could use the HD-help.

Emotionally, I want another Samus game but Logically I know that Donkey Kong (aka that monkey that Samus likes to beatdown in Smash Bros) makes more $$$.

MoveTheGlow1953d ago

Yeah, Corruption was a weird one, though. It was awesome that it came out so early in the Wii's cycle, but even that game threw out some special stuff about Metroid with all its ancillary characters, and remember - the Wii's graphics basically were like GameCube-enhanced instead of something new. A game like that needed some stunning new visuals, and not only did it look a bit uninspired, it didn't look that different from the other two Primes in fidelity. This would be a leap for sure - I don't think there's a Nintendo franchise, Zelda included, that would benefit more from a hardware upgrade than Metroid. Can't wait for whenever it finally hits.

Davidian0071954d ago

I didn't find them disappointing at all and if you go to nintendo fansites you'll see a lot of people didn't As well. Why should they waste all that money on a huge conference? They kept it focused on what the gamers wanted-games! And they made us, the fans, the focus and not the industry. I was bored watching e3 on spike and was looking forward to watching dodgeball. As for my wii u, I'm not disappointed at all. I have nsmbu, lego city undercover, mass effect 3, black ops2, trine:directors cut, nano assault neo, spider-man, need for speed most wanted, zombiu, and super metroid to tie me over till The wonderful 101, pikmin 3, rayman legends, splinter cell, cod ghost, mario world 3d and watchdog will tie me over till bayonetta 2, monolith soft's x, mario kart 8, donkey kong country and smash bros. And so on.
The wonderful 101, bayonetta 2 and x are mind blowing gorgeous.
I think the only people disappointed are the haters.

PSNintyGamer1954d ago

Well that's conference was a bet underwhelming to be honest, I expected an great open-world title like sunshine or 64.

chadboban1954d ago

I agree that it was underwhelming especially the 3D Mario being revealed as a sequel to 3D Land on the 3DS. Don't get me wrong, I really liked that game, but I expected more from them. It also lacked that one big surprise game reveal which I'm sure is what left a lot of folks disappointed.
However you can't deny that it was overall a solid showcase and definitely better than last year.

X looks incredible
Mario Kart 8 looks surprisingly good
Bayonetta 2 looks bonkers
The Wonderful 101 looks, well... wonderful!
Smash Bros looks amazing for both 3DS and Wii U (Megaman FTW)
Donkey Kong Country, despite being a disappointing reveal, still looks excellent
Wind Waker is even more beautiful now
Pikmin 3 is FINALLY coming out soon (launch window my ass)

I think a price drop is not too far off seeing that they announced the 3DS price cut about one and a half months after the Vita's price was announced so hopefully sales will pick up by then. Then hopefully Sony and Nintendo can kill Microsoft and their anti-consumer bullcrap by the end of the year.

Moonman1954d ago

I am a diehard Nintendo fan and I was happy! Could it have been better? Of course. But Mario Kart 8 is the 8th Wonder for me. :)

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