E3 buzz suggests used-game market could be in peril

There’s little doubt the dominant issue at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles was used games. More specifically, would consumers still be able to trade them in once Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles arrive this fall?

With the show having wrapped up on Thursday, a different – and ironic – question remains: Will there even be a used market a few years from now?

Microsoft set the stage last week by announcing a slew of limitations for its upcoming Xbox One console, such as giving publishers the option of preventing people from playing used games altogether

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hazelamy1953d ago

there will still be a preowned market for PS4.

if they want this fully digital future, they're going to have to start cutting their prices for downloadable games, by a bloody lot.

i mean, fifa for a penny short of 60 quid?
and Fuse for the same.

you probably couldn't even find a retail outlet selling those titles for that much, even if you wanted to.

DxTrixterz1953d ago

That is $59.99, Our currency it would be probably 40 quid as it is now.

MasterCornholio1953d ago

The only one causing any problems with the used games market is Microsoft with their DRM policys. Both Sony and Nintendo allow the market to operate freely while Microsoft tries to control it with their DRM policys.

swerve1211953d ago

There just trying to fight against pirates. You can still share with friends what else to ask 4?

Hicken1953d ago

They're going about it the wrong way. Restricting the honest consumers won't stop the pirates.