PlayStation 4 'Magic Price' and Flexible Options, Xbox One Knockout Inevitable?

While Xbox One comes with used-game restrictions and Internet connection requirement, PS4 is offering less price and more freedom. The Japanese tech giant is releasing its flagship video game console with no restriction to the used games, and ability to play offline.

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mirroredge3021d ago

Everything Is Good In Ps4 But Games Are not better then xbox one because in e3 Microsoft games were amazing and sony's not

Trunkz Jr3021d ago

Ok but when both systems are selling the same game
Both require $$$ for online
but 1 console is cheaper
guess which system people will lean towards?

xHeavYx3021d ago

Sony's games were not amazing? Please, I'm a Fanboy but your comment is plain dumb. Sony showed some amazing games

Sharius3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

E3 is finish, and sony just won it WITHOUT most of their 1st party game

but hey, if they show all of them, what will they show at gamecom and TGS, TV? or sport?

and what MS will show?.... oops, just forgot, MS now change this name to be 'murica box now, so who care about gamecom right?

...and 360 just sell less than 350 unit in japan so scew these otakus huh?

mushroomwig3021d ago

Well that's an opinion, both consoles have some great titles coming.

Mr_Nuts3021d ago

You do realise Sony showed 2 more games at their reveal then Microsofts reveal, then add to the fact that DR3 and some other games MS showed off like TitanFall are multiplatform or will become multiplatform in the future.

Majin-vegeta3021d ago

Dude had Sony brought in their big games.They would have humiliated M$ even more.I mean just with the no blocking out used games and no drum.They caused major damage to them.

OlgerO3020d ago

Yeah you are absolutely right. THey have the most first party studios of all and they said that they had 20 first party exclusives coming out in the first year. I think that it is fair to say that we can expect a shitload of announcement in the coming months. THe momentum will e carried forward

AAACE53021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )


I felt the same way! Sony seemed to do everything right with Ps4, however, the games MS showed seemed to be more interesting.

I will still get a Ps4 over a XOne. But I am a bit disappointed about Sony charging us for online play!

Plus, some of those XOne exclusives will be timed anyway, so no big loss.

The thing i'm curious about is will MS face the same troubles Sony did with the Ps3?

They seem to be repeating all the same steps. Higher price point! Features that most people won't use! Depending on current gen success to repeat itself!

Will be interesting to watch!

KwietStorm_BLM3021d ago

Oh well sure..if you assume what Sony showed was the catalog for the life of the PS4. Naughty Dog was nowhere to be seen, Santa Monica absent, Guerilla has another IP, London and Japan are working on titles, etc.

elhebbo163021d ago

Sunset overdrive and killer instincts look like shit.

2pacalypsenow3021d ago

Just because MS showed the games doesn't mean they are only coming out on xbox 1 most of the games that where shown at MS e3 are also coming on Ps4

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Astargatis3021d ago

I am sure that if it wasn't for the DRM show,Sony would show more AAA exclusives

Mikelarry3021d ago

well they (ms) are still singing to the song of forced restrictions even after major backlash. until they make amends they will lose

franko3021d ago

Who cares??? Sony won!!! And it's still winning and that's it! M$ lost touch with reality. Plain & simple

MisfitsInc3021d ago

i dont think the XB1 will fail but it wont outsell the PS4

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