Battlefield 4 to have training level, C4 can be thrown again and more — tons of info detailed

Battlefield 4 to have training level, C4 can be thrown again and more — tons of info detailed

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komp1955d ago

Ive always wanted to pick my C4 back up after planting it and dying before triggering it... would love that to happen.

Sadly, when I try to C4 a tank sometimes, I get run over.... I will learn to NOT stand in front or behind it in the eventually :)

JoGam1955d ago

Well if u had the ability to trigger the c4 after u die wouldn't be fair. I can see why you can't so it.

The_KELRaTH1955d ago

But you could fall on the trigger as your dead body hits the ground :)

C4BL31955d ago

maybe not have it disappear. mines stay in place. If C4 stayed in place then one RPG would take a tank out. could be cool.

Nafon1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I just hate how you always have the trigger in your right hand and grab and throw the C4 with your left yet it takes ages to actually detonate the c4 after you throw it lol.

I know it wouldn't be balanced if you could immediately detonate, but when combined with high(ish) ping, getting quick c4 kills can become infuriatingly difficult!

awi59511954d ago

The c4 would stay in old bF games and if someone shot it the tank blew. I also use to drop land mines at the tank then shoot the mines to blow the tank in old games.

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komp1955d ago

Ive just watched a video and they were talking about being able to shoot in the water and being able to dive in the water to stop being a sitting duck when you fall in the sea etc...


JoGam1954d ago

Post the link to video please

titletownrelo1954d ago

wow, they are fixing EVERYTHING wrong with past titles. DICE actually heard us!

Razputin1954d ago

LMAO like my friend and I are all saying. BF4 is actually BF3.

BF3 was the actual beta.

We are all die hard fans, coming from 1942, all expansions, and mods, literally.

But we can only hope this is more balanced, and we actually get more free destruction.

titletownrelo1953d ago


That would actually make sense you know.
If BF3 was the "Beta" for Bf4.

-"Let's see how our engine works with past maps"

-"Now let's see how Frostbite performs in small maps"

-"Time to test if F2 works well with large vehicular maps"

-"Let's raise the destruction and map paths to see how it works"

-"hmmm, dirt bikes in BF? lets test it out!"

urwifeminder1955d ago

I hope some rank restricted servers are involved if you come late against maxed rank players good luck you get a packet of gravel they get a nuke.

torchic1955d ago

good point. Crysis 2 had this feature and it worked

ThyMagicSword1955d ago

After Battlefield 4 Battlefield will become a dead series. With this sentence I don't mean another zombiegame, I meant real dead, which is more gruesome than human larvas Walking around my arse.

Philoctetes1955d ago

Practice mode for vehicles is awesome. I never flew a chopper a single time in BC2 because I never wanted to be "that guy" who wasted it by crashing immediately after launch. I would have loved to have the opportunity to actually learn how to pilot the damn thing on my own.

raWfodog1955d ago

I haven't played BF3 but the lack of a training mode seemed to be a common complaint from players. It seems like this will be a welcome addition to the game. I'll probably jump in the BF pool myself and check out the 64-player multiplayer.

OcelotRigz1955d ago

Hmmmm, i partially agree. I know what you mean when you say you didn't want to be "that" guy who wasted a vehicle and it is annoying when you're on the other side of that, when you all jump into a heli and the guy just crashes straight into the ground.

On the otherhand, getting into a jet and getting slaughtered by a pro, as annoying as it was, it felt like it was a rite of passage and when you do start to do well there is a certain type of satisfaction knowing how far you've come and that you earned it.

You lose that if you can practice away without any of that threat.

I dont really mind though, it doesn't really affect the game that much and its just a personal thing, i can definitely see why it would be helpful to others.

AzaziL1954d ago

Screw it, be that guy, had to learn somehow. Plus mature players understand if ya screw up, it's the 10 year olds that cry about it. Just don't keep crashing over and over on the same server.

or you can join a server with a large room with a few players so you don't have to worry about it.

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