Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - New E3 2013 Screenshots

Konami has released a new set of E3 screenshots for its upcoming soccer title, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. PES 2014 is powered by the FOX Engine, and today’s screenshots give us a glimpse of the players’ facial expressions and the stadiums that will be featured in it.

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Cobain192005d ago

yeap, it does look good. Curious about the gameplay changes though between this Fox Engine-powered version and the older one

JAM_brz2005d ago

It does already have a gameplay... look in Gamespot site and on Youtube to watch...

Abdou232005d ago

Is there really no next-gen PES ?! are those guys idiots or what ?!

gedden72005d ago

Looking great Fox engine is strong!!

3-4-52005d ago

It's kind of funny that The New engine for current gen, makes the game look better than next gen engine for Fifa.

Or at least as good.

What PES is doing is almost never done.

After 8 years of knowledge, instead of abandoning it, they figure out how to get more out of less.

This shows there will always be ways to get better graphics out of whatever hardware they have.

doi2005d ago

too bad they can't get licenses for the teams.