Xbox One will be successful even if you don’t want it to be

Microsoft has caused a stir recently with the plans for Xbox One. At E3 they did everything right; they showed games, new IP’s, some interesting new features and snagged some timed exclusives to convince gamers that the Xbox One is for them. But their whole E3 event was overshadowed by previous revelations like strict DRM and Kinect intruding on privacy. The DRM is will stop you lending your games freely, stop you from selling you game privately and enforce regular online checks to authenticate the games you are playing. No internet means you can’t play any games at all. After all this the console will still sell and Microsoft knows this.

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AsimLeonheart3140d ago

Oh we will see about that (if it succeeds or not). That is up to us gamers to decide. Even the uninformed gamers and casuals who buy it will be up in arms once they run into the restrictions for the first time. Deception can only take you so far until the truth is revealed.

ZodTheRipper3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Agree. And in the end, it wouldn't benefit consumers in the long run if such a device is successful. That's the biggest reason why I want it to fail.

zeal0us3140d ago

While it wouldn't benefit consumers the X1 will still be a success regardless of the restriction and requirements. How? Mainly because the average consumer either don't know/care about requirements or restrictions.

Some consumers like buying the latest tech even when it pose restrictions on them or even when theres little to no change from the previous version. For example people who buy iPhones.

Some consumers buy a product because of the name alone even though there might be a better product/better alternative elsewhere. For example people who buy Beats Headphones.

loulou3140d ago

you lot better hope that the xbox one is even mildly successful..

because if it aint, then i have a feeling that this gen will be over faster than the first xboxes life was.

if microsoft dont change things, and this becomes another ps2 type gen in terms of hardware sales. then they will not take it lying down.

darthv723140d ago

MS should have made the argument as to why an internet connected device is a benefit. Why their game sharing with 10 people is a benefit. Why their install to the hdd is a benefit.

Instead, we are left to fill in the gaps with assumption. There are more people signing up for internet each year than before. People do that because they want to be connected to friends and family. News and entertainment. It represents a convenience to the majority of people.

The old phrase of "its not what you say but how you say it" MS never said "how" they only said "what". That is the part that has many turned off.

People need to be convinced, not pushed. If Ms can market this as the convenience that people are looking for then people will buy it but they need to be clear in how it works and how it benefits the consumer.

blackbeld3140d ago


If Sony puts DRM on it I will jump out too.

We consumers should not tolerate greedy multinationals and have to show them with our wallet.

If Sony and M$soft puts DRM on their machines I will buy the WiiU only.

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CrossingEden3140d ago

just because some people ACTUALLY DO wanna get the xbox 1 doesn't mean that they're uniformed or casuals!

Pintheshadows3140d ago

You are right CrossingEden. It just means they are deeply foolish.

MrAnderson3140d ago Show
loulou3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )


i must be deeply foolish then... plus loads of people on my friends list and real life ones who have pre-ordered one.

i am sorry for being a gamer. that cannot resist good games (well i hope that they will be good anyway)

koolaid2513140d ago

I don't trade in games or let people borrow my games and I've had the internet since 1995 lol!!!

Thomper3139d ago

I was think it, you said it!!

Calm down kiddies.

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I just find it funny how badly people are in denial now.

it will be successful with or without us...

ok, I will enjoy watching it try..

AsimLeonheart3140d ago

No it will not be or at least not to the extent of XBOX360 because WE (including you) are the trend setters. We passionate informed consumers who buy a product at launch determine the initial sales and the trend of future sales. The rest of the late customers are just trend followers who buy whatever other people are buying. Finally, games and fun are the factors that will determine lifetime sales and I do not see majority of the people having much fun on Xbone with those restrictions in place.


I think you may have miss-understood me. When I said the people in denial, I meant the people who actually think it will be a success without us (the gamers).

basically I agree with you.

CrossingEden3139d ago

just because you aren't buying it doesn't mean that other gamers wont't -_-

ZitterZap3140d ago

They will be up in arms if they will be able to understand the restrictions in the first place.

Microsoft needs to make a video explaining it.

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theBAWSE3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

I got 99 problems.. And my names xbone one....

theBAWSE3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

In all seriousness I agree with parts of this article

Microsoft will throw tons of money in advertising more than sony or Nintendo can afford so Xbox one will sell

I don't agree that most gamers are not informed.. It's all over the net, YouTube and word of mouth

I agree kinect sold millions due to advertising that doesn't make it a good device, I know a few people who feel they were conned by broken promises of kinect.

Either way Microsoft will spend millions in trying to make Xbox one a success that is guaranteed... will it work? Time will tell one thing for sure microsofts draconian policies have made for an exciting new gen in competition between them an sony

Mikeyy3140d ago

XBO preorders are selling at snails pace on amazon so Idk..

HammadTheBeast3140d ago

Xbox Pre-orders had an initial jump after they're reveal, but now its slowed down, and is moving down. Meanwhile PS4 initial stock is sold out, and second and third stock pre orders are open.

Sideras3139d ago

The only thing I ever hear about the kinect is how good it is a collecting dust. So yeah.

NYC_Gamer3140d ago

We don't know how successful Xb1 will be until its released

NaAsAr3140d ago

i want it to be successful. just not in this particular fashion. competition spurs growth. :)

gano3140d ago

Ain't no competition.
What the hell are you peeple saying.
What competition is there in freedom or no freedom.

NaAsAr3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

"What competition is there in freedom or no freedom."

you and everyone else has the "freedom" to create something whether it be entertainment based or a medical need that caters to the wants and needs of the many. and with that others will see ones success and try replicate with a "competing" product or service.

now back to the point i made, having the xbox one succeed (not with the Microsoft's current goals) would be a good thing not just for the company but for us gamers as it "spurs" competitive growth.

Ripco_Keller3140d ago

Competition is good, yes, competition is also supposed to weed out bullshit like what is being attempted by Microsoft with the Xbone.

The beauty of competition is that we as consumers get to decide who wins our money, and thus the producers of the products are theoretically supposed to be trying to sell us the best product they can.

In this case, Microsoft thinks they can sell us a shit product and treat us consumers like shit, which its competitors are capitalizing on by stroking our egos and continuing with the traditions which have worked in the past, while poking fun at how inane and offensive Microsoft is acting.

So yeah, competition is great, but unfortunately for anyone who signed an exclusive contract with Microsoft, the winner of this competition has already been decided.

(Hint: The winner isn't Microsoft)

Sideras3139d ago

Exactly and that's why it cannot allowed to be win the 'competition'.

Hicken3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

If it were a less restrictive console, then sure. But as it stands, I want the thing to bomb hard.

Should they decide to change the policies currently in place, I'd feel differently about it.

But Microsoft isn't going to do that.

Edit: And why should they change policies? Look around at guys like loulou and CrossingEden. Microsoft is banking that there will be enough goofballs like them buying at launch that they'll be able to ride that into the casuals' interests.

Baka-akaB3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

One of the things that will help Xb1 , are people still adamant in their goal of claiming the ps4 is adopting the exact same policies for online and used games .

Even when they'll keep being proven wrong at launch , they prophetize a change in policy mid way for a system like microsoft , those guys being fearmongers and charlatans .

Marketing is great , but it's better when you have your own zealots and evangelist , free of charges

ShwankyShpanky3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

So true. I've been browsing the Xbox forum to get a feel of the Xbox community's take, and there are a few that still insist that will be the case. There's even someone trying to parse the MS PR-speak down to the level of "this statement re: MS Studios games says 'give,' but this part re: 3rd parties says 'gift,' so they're TOTALLY DIFFERENT!" (claiming MS 1st parties won't have restrictions, trying to pretend that the baked-in DRM isn't DRM)

"Sony will have the same DRM! Just wait for E3!"

E3: "No used/trade/borrow restrictions. No online requirement."

"Sony lied to everyone! They WILL have the same DRM! Just wait for launch!"

Sideras3139d ago

Wouldn't matter if Sony had taken the same route, wouldn't justify supporting either party then.

But microsoft just made my day one purchase a really easy choice, well overall purchase since I won't be touching that damned DVR at all.