See how Quiet and Code Talker from Metal Gear Solid V were created

One of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's new characters introduced in the E3 trailers is a female sniper named Quiet. This character was created by 3D scanning an actual person. Kojima posted some photos that show the process.

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wishingW3L1953d ago

the sniper chick while hot she feels kinda tacky in the trailer.

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Blackdeath_6631953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

i agree she certainly does NOT fit in the setting i mean who the hell goes to Afghanistan and walks about in a bikini top let alone in the middle of a warzone. they started off by showing snake in this new setting on a horse with new stealth mechanics and that sniper chick completely ruined my immersion. but then again this is a Japanese game so i'm expecting alot more WTF moments like snake looking down a scope with his eyepatch http://media1.gameinformer....

FantasyStar1953d ago

Gurren Lagann. Not even once: I take it?

crxss1952d ago

dang i cannot wait for this game!!

1952d ago
Tridenter1943d ago

Maybe she was undressed while being tortured by Ocelot as shown in the beginning of the extended trailer?

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Mounce1953d ago

I would understand if she is dressed as she is, if showing her model as we had, was right nearly after she escaped from torture and of course from that point on had no other clothes to put on being where she is located unless she were to put on guards clothing. Though, I'd hope she at least has suntan lotion for obvious reasons . . .

linkenski1952d ago

Anyone who've played the other MGS games shouldn't be alienated by this, lol. Kojima's mind is crazy, he puts all those unfitting things in his games. I don't know if he wants it to be serious or what, but i find it pretty hilarious and i always enjoy MGS' stories for their crazyness rather than the actual message.

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Chapster1953d ago

Those are a lot of cameras. Code Talker looked a bit fake in game compared to the other characters tbh.

1953d ago
BelieveinGhosts1953d ago

Kojima is producing yet another master class

camel_toad1953d ago

She's purty. Also gives me a slight Sniper Wolf vibe.

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