Let's Not Be So Harsh On The Xbox One

Clickonline writes, "There’s a decent amount of doom and gloom shadowing all things Xbox One related, but is it really all that bad? Microsoft has put out an impressive slate of exclusive titles and IPs, plus there are particular benefits that only the Xbox One can offer..."

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TheLyonKing2004d ago

No so think the People have reacted properly to it.

No one is being harsh on Microsoft they are only reacting how one should react when hearing such news.

The only good think about ms xbone is they seem to have a lot of good launch games coming for it.

ThatCanadianGuy5142004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Launch lineup is pretty weak tbh.
They pretty much showed everything they have in the pipeline for the next 2 years.
That's why most of it were just trailers

To compare

Mine Craft
Dead Rising 3
Kinnect Sports Rivals


Killzone: ShadowFall
Drive Club
The Witness

Minecraft again, Ryse looks terrible and kinect sports.Just leaves Forza and DR3 as far as must haves in my opinion.

Edit: I didn't disagree with you by the way.Don't know where those 3 came from so quick

TheLyonKing2004d ago

Am not saying it was better than ps4's

rezzah2004d ago

Ryse looked awesome. Personally it was the best looking game up there. I think that's because the rest was just trailers that didn't actually represent gameplay.

Foxgod2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Thats really opinion, whether the lineup is strong or not.

For me Forza and Dead rising are killer apps, while the Ps4 line does not interest me at all.
I do however am proud that a fellow dutch company is able to pull of such an impressive game as Killzone, but it just isnt my cup of tea.

And quite frankly, the rest you mentioned doesnt even deserve to be in the same sentence as Killzone.

btw, Killer instinct is also launching this year.

Zichu2004d ago

A lot of people enjoy MC. It sold over 6 million on the 360 which is quite amazing for an arcade title.

I bet there will be quite a lot of people that will buy an X1 just for MC. A lot of people upload LP's and other videos of them playing MC. If they can create bigger worlds without frame rate drops and such, it will make them happy.

I do agree with you though, the launch titles aren't great overall. I will get both consoles at some point, but probably not at launch. The only game that interests me from MS at launch is DR3. Killzone would be the only game I would get on the PS4 at launch.

I will most likely wait till more games are released before I get either console. If it takes a year, then I will wait a year. I still have a PS3, 360 and a Wii U, I also have a ton of games to buy for all 3 consoles. I am also getting a 3DS this month, so that's more games to enjoy.

nthstew2004d ago

@rezzah Ryse is nothing new.. the warrior legend of troy which came before did the same thing and they did not succeed.. i see the same future for ryse .. pretty graphics don't make good games..

Skips2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

That isn't even including stuff they'll show at Gamescom and TGS. lol

Microsoft have pretty much shown everything they have, considering they had to. lol

Sony still has more bombs to drop...


MrSwankSinatra2004d ago

why even mention dead rising 3 we all know its gonna go multiplatform anyways. this is capcom were talking about here. past history shows this.

Why o why2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

FOXGOD IS 'THE MART' I totally forgot.

On topic... Ms has brought this on themselves. Action breeds reaction. What some cheerleaders should be hoping is that the harsh reactions actually alter ms's stance on a few things. Some can front all they want on forums; behind closed doors you know some of them must be pissed if even just a little.

morganfell2004d ago

"Let's Not Be So Harsh On The Xbox One"

No, let's be. Let's be as harsh as possible so the message is quite clear.

This device and it's policies established by Microsoft are the very enemy of the gamer.

Just as bad is watching people defend Microsoft not out of genuine belief in the Xbone but instead driven by ego, misplaced loyalty, and the unwillingness to admit their support for the Xbone was erred.

EA themselves stated that they never asked for DRM. It is beginning to look as if DRM is a Microsoft policy and they attempted to get publishers on board with a policy that serves corporations instead of consumers. How is that worthy of loyalty?

Gamers first should be their warcry and mantra instead of sticking to a point of view that may have been somewhat valid when it was the unknown Xbox 720. However now that the curtain is lifted things are far from that moment in time.

No one worthy of your time is going to sit around and point a finger at you yelling "Nana nana boo boo, told you so!" Instead you are going to hear "Welcome aboard and welcome to the fight!" And this is a fight for gamers rights.

Supporting the Xbone is a far far cry from being a Xbox 360 loyalist. Backing Microsoft makes you the enemy of consumer protection, buyer rights, and the idea of "gamers first".

HarryMasonHerpderp2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )


Whoa, whoa, whoa slow down there...
I was agreeing with you up until the point you said the rest of the PS4 games do not deserve to be up there with Killzone.
Didn't you just say " That's really opinion, whether the lineup is strong or not"? contradicting yourself a little there.
Anyway I agree the Xbox One has a great lineup and to some people it's better than Sony's, but the Xbox One console is an absolute disgrace, you already know all of the problems and it's only Microsoft holding themselves back with such an anti consumer console. Therefore it's a no buy from anyone who actually cares about their rights. Until Microsoft rectify these problems then the games simply don't matter, for me at least anyway.

dredgewalker2004d ago

Did Foxgod just refer to games as "killer apps"?

rmedtx2004d ago

It's amazing how some people are whiling to give away their rights as consumers over a few game IPs.

SolidStoner2004d ago

I strongly disagree...

lets be very harsh.. so MS have no choice and change the policies!!!

also dont buy it.. or you will have very limited future!!!

Mkai282004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Killer instinct is a launch title, and Ryse and killzone were the best looking games at e3. If Microsoft didn't have all these online confinements, I believe they would've won e3.. Maybe

morganfell2004d ago

You might want to think that Ryse business. Looking good does nothing when the game has something going on that ruins it.

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Studio-YaMi2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Titanfall,Forza & Dead Rising 3 are the best games Xbox1 showed at their conference.

Ryse was just a QTE fest,two to 3 hits and a QTE,rinse and repeat ! it was just awful even if it did have good graphics.

Mine craft support for Xbox1 is just a slap in the face for every other talented indie dev out there,they took a game which has 6 million potential followers and left the new and fresh indie devs games for a quick cash-in from Mine Craft.

Quantum Break is an interesting idea,but until I see some gameplay footage,I refuse to fall to MS game.

couldn't see any other Xbox1 exclusive that was interesting.

PS :
Killer Instinct is another IP that MS ruined,making the game F2P with only one character available(Jago) and the rest are a "must pay to get".

Never said KI doesn't looked great,but that F2P bull MS pulled on a recognizable franchise that fans were waiting for a decade and more is just unforgivable.

Foxgod2004d ago

Opinions, opinions,
While i agree on half you said, i personally think KI looks great.

FlunkinMonkey2004d ago

I will bet that Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 come to the ps4..

Septic2004d ago

"Quantum Break is an interesting idea,but until I see some gameplay footage,I refuse to fall to MS game. "

Fall to what?? We saw the in game engine and the premise behind the game which was impressive. By your logic we shouldn't even consider The Order or even GTA 5.

IcicleTrepan2004d ago

I think they deserve some of the negativity they're getting but there are also many people talking smack that don't even actually know how the system even works. They just follow what everyone else says without actually doing their own research like they should.

I'm getting both systems. And while I'm hoping MS changes some of their policies, I'm also fully aware that Sony will probably screw me on Gaikai, either it will be expensive with added fees or it will be something they give a half assed effort on, roll out some gimped version of what they said they'd have and then pretend like it never happened.

fermcr2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

In my opinion i see no reason to purchase a PS4 at launch. Only interesting exclusive game for me at launch is Killzone. Get the PS4 later one when Infamous releases (Q1 2014). As for Xbox One, not interested.
As a matter of fact i find the PS4's and X1's launch lineup quite week (in relation to exclusive games).

Rest of the games for 2013 i find interesting, most of them I'll purchase on PC and some on PS3: Watch Dogs (PC), AC4 (PC), Batman (PC), Battlefield 4 (PC), XCOM (PC), Wasteland 2 (PC), Shadowrun Returns (PC), The Witness (I think this is going to be released on PC this year), Flashback (PC), Beyond: Two Souls (PS3), Last of Us (PS3), GTA 5(PS3).

MikeMyers2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Microsoft should be called out for doing questionable things. It is now Microsoft's job to prove to us why it's a good move.

The problem is we have a few key members here on N4G who have hated the Xbox brand for many years and this new direction by Microsoft has played right into their hands to keep trolling and now be even more vocal. What you will notice, which to me is ironic, are the ones that are most loyal to Sony seem to still be talking about the Xbox more than the Playstation. How weird is that?

The Xbone will have a great line-up and will roll out very smoothly compared to the other new systems. The cloud they are marketing will be ready to go at launch as well and that to me is the next gen. of gaming.

Kyosuke_Sanada2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

But the question is any of the talk good and you call being launched in specific countries smooth??

My God, this generation......

Why o why2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

'It is now Microsoft's job to prove to us why it's a good move'

You actually want their pr to make you forget the reasons the effed up basically. Not sure who holds the or foxgod...smh. When a drunk driver crashes a car and injures somebody..there is no pr to fix if or make people forget...he was drunk

I think what you'll find is many of your tormentors are playing the potential game of the gen right about now. During breaks they'll be back

MikeMyers2004d ago


"But the question is any of the talk good and you call being launched in specific countries smooth?? "

They listed the countries that will be launching. My country is one of them.

"My God, this generation......"

Every generation opens up new possibilities. If you don't want to be part of it then don't be. Steam took PC gaming to a new generation which is all digital and no used games. Nintendo took gamers in a new direction with the Wii and offered something different. Microsoft is trying to go a different direction with Kinect in every system, always online and DRM restrictions but still allow some flexibility.

@Why o why

"You actually want their pr to make you forget the reasons the effed up basically. Not sure who holds the or foxgod...smh. When a drunk driver crashes a car and injures somebody..there is no pr to fix if or make people forget...he was drunk"

This isn't even a rational response nor does it deserve a rational reply.

RedHawkX2004d ago

we must be harsher on the xbox one so people can know how it is cheating them and so they dont buy it. do not rest for one bit guys. rip xbox one to pieces. i dont even want my mother to even think about getting ripped off by that piece of crap console. everyone will be gaming on the ps4. that xbox live experience you said you had on the x360. that experience is now on the ps4 10 fold. you have no reason to get an xbox one. even achievements are useless as you get them for watching shows. they no longer have value.

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JonahNL2004d ago

At first I was a bit impressed with the sheer number of exclusives, but when I learnt that Killer Instinct is NOT being developed by Rare + based on a free to play model and Titanfall is coming to PC things didn't seem that exciting anymore.

Sure, there's still Quantum Break, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Forza 5, Halo 5 and Sunset Overdrive, but those aren't enough to sell the system. I wouldn't be surprised if the first three titles would end up on other platforms eventually.

AngryEnglish2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Regarding this Ki being a F2P game im not quite understanding this, they have said quite clearly it will be available to buy day one full game, the one character is a demo of the game and lets you pick and choose what you would like to have as an addition..

" caught a bit of the "Killer Instinct" livestream with representatives of Double Helix who clarified how the F2P model is going to work. First, you can buy a full downloadable version of the game with all of the characters and modes, but they'll be offering a trial mode with online functionality enabled and Jago as the starting character. From there, players can purchase additional characters, modes, and features.]"

And you shouldn't be worried about it not being developed by Rare, as the name is the only thing left that's in common with the golden age of Rare, its far better in another developers hands.

and for me... i love the PS4 price and no restrictions, but i also love X1`s launch line up and the friends and family feature..... i know ill end up with both... looks like im gonna be skint :( lol

Blackdeath_6632004d ago

its a double edged sword. if the xbox one become popular you can be proud with the achievement that you got it first but if it flops you will forever be known as "the idiot who dished out $500 on that piece of shit"

IcicleTrepan2004d ago

not sure how an achievement factors into it. Paying 500 bucks surely is the measure of it :)

Themba762004d ago

is mike laughing at the microsoft reveal or press conference?

scruffy_bear2004d ago

Why shouldn't we be harsh with MS they are trying to strip away our rights as a consumer.

Blackdeath_6632004d ago

i have no sympathy for microsoft specially when don matrick says "we have a solution for people without an internet connection, get a 360"

MikeyDucati12004d ago

What rights as a consumer? What are your consumer rights and what rights are they violating?

Studio-YaMi2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Ummm,that when I buy something .. it's MINE and I can do anything I want with it? :\

At least regarding physical copies!

Oh WOW thank you MS,thank you for doing what Sony did LAST GEN ! and even then Sony backed up from that policy(lowering the people you can share with from 5 to 2),I wonder how MS will pull that off ? for maybe an EXTRA fee ? :)

“The only limitation, it seems, is that only one person can be playing the shared copy of a single game at any given time,” Ars Technica reported after speaking with Microsoft Xbox Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Yusuf Mehdi

LOL !!

Foxgod2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Yeah i keep wondering about that as well, people are severaly overreacting.

What are you talking abotut, on your XB1 you can even loan your games to 10 people in your list, even if they live on the other side of the planet.

If that aint owning, i dont know what is.

savaroth2004d ago

In the past when we bought a product, we owned that product. A physical game is such a product and we should be allowed to buy and sell it ( on ebay, or in the local store ) . MS is limiting that right. Even if you NEVER sell or buy used games this is a limitation to the rights you have.

Also: Why should MS treat me as a criminal by checking my activity online? I have no use for them "auditing" my game system. Perhaps they have some small text that allows them to do so in the papers provided with the XB one. If they do, all the more reason not to buy their Cr*p.

And for the record: i do own an XBOX360.

Kyosuke_Sanada2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

1. Actually owning a product for one
2. Limiting the amount of people you can actually share the product with
3. Controlling who you can sell the product to
4. Privacy of owning that product

If any other entertainment medium decided to do that with their physical copies mandatory, it would be business suicide unless it is a rental company like Netflix......

Microsoft only enforce these actions because they see how rabid gamers can be about anything, good or bad, and believe they can be easily swayed with just graphics. I mean their practices are already limiting their sales in other countries and Germany already called it's policies "a twisted nightmare".

Answer this, why should I pay 100 dollars extra for a leash?

Hicken2004d ago

There's a thing called the right of first sale, or first sale doctrine.

Means we, as consumers, get to sell something we bought. It's what allows us to sell every damn thing else on the planet after we bought it.

The XBO removes that. Not quite entirely, but entirely too much.

Imalwaysright2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Have you been living under a rock?

- The right of having the freedom to being able to buy/sell used games to whom and when I want to.
- The right of having the freedom of lending my property to my friends and family.
- The right of having the freedom to take MY property to any country in this planet and be able to use it.
- The right of not having to ask permission to use MY property.
- The right of having the freedom to do whathever the hell I want with MY property.

And the funny thing (not really) is that I'm not sure if I mentioned every anti-consumer policy that MS is going to implement in the industry because I lost count of how many there are.

Edit @ Mike

From article:

"The exclusive right of distribution of a copy of a computer program covered by such a licence is exhausted on its first sale," the court has found."

EULA's mean nothing. Here in Europe the xbone is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.

MikeyDucati12004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )


No its not rocket science to read a EULA on pretty much every piece of software known to man that states in some form or another that you do not own the software. It is licensed to you. The only people who own the software are the devs and pubs.

That's problem here. Community members are saying they are taking away their rights yet don't even know their rights. Its common thought to think that when you buy software, it is yours to do as please. It is not. How else the kid lost the case with Sony about the removal of OS support? He didn't understand the EULA either

Yes, the act of enforcing it is exhaustive. Still if a company chooses to enforce it, it is will within their right to do so. Your purchase of the product is your signature of compliance. You guys are late to the party from your own perspectives because you guys should have spoke up since 360's inception. Hell, even before that.

giovonni2004d ago

Miley that's the thing ms is using drm to protect there investment and have to have something in place to make sure xboxone games aren't just being passed down, system being modded, or hackers trying to get over. People don't understand that the game can be played without a disk in the tray from any system as long as you are logged in. With no drm, that leaves the system open to such threats.

Consumers have to understand you don't fully own a product to which you can do what ever you want. There are limitations, and requirements that need to be respected, and ms is making sure it is respected with in the terms of existence.

That goes for all products.

rainslacker2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )


Just for giggles I picked up the three PS3 games I have sitting on my desk. Ni No Kuni, Ninja Gaiden 3, and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

I flipped through the manuals/disclaimer leaflets, and not in a single one did I see a EULA that stated I could not resell the game, or that there was any sort of license attached to that game. In fact there was no EULA whatsoever. Nor did I read anything on the box that stated I had to agree to any sort of licensing terms. Nor do I recall ever having to agree to any sort of licensing term for any game I've put into the system before it allowed me to play it. At most, there is a disclaimer about online play, only stating that the publisher could not be held accountable for what happens with online play, and that you agree to abide by the TOS of the server.

So my question to all these people who say we don't own the software on the disc...Where does it explicitly imply such a thing? Where is this information kept so I can even review it?

The truth doesn't exist. There is no explicit EULA for a game retail disc. So stop the BS. What you speak of with EULA applies only to DD and any software that explicitly provides that information to the end user, such as WOW, where you have to scroll through one before you can play it.

MikeyDucati12000d ago

@Rainslacker You lie or you do not understand what you have read. I more so believe you lied just to prove a point. It doesn't make sense that if you can't lend or lease (which is in the EULA), they would allow you to resell. In fact, I know I have read that in the EULA. It's in every one

rainslacker1997d ago

I don't lie. I picked up the games. Looked through the manuals. looked on the box, and nowhere did it have any sort of EULA.

Even if it said I can't lend or lease, which I don't recall and not at my desk to verify, that doesn't preclude sale. The thing about legal contracts is that they have to be explicit. That's why they're so wordy, and why no one reads them.

The only games where I've had to agree to an EULA were online games, or online components of a game. Assumed acceptance by a companies EULA posted somewhere, without express agreement by the end user is not binding. So even if they had it on their website, I wouldn't have to follow those rules, again, unless I expressly agreed to it before opening/playing the game.

Systems themselves have EULA's, and you have to agree to their terms before being able to use it. But to my knowledge, Console makers do not have binding authority to dictate a publishers terms of use.

Perhaps you can point me to where the EULA is located on those games. Or provide that information for some other games. I have 200 PS3 games, so it's likely you can find a couple that I would have. I'd really like to see these mythical EULA's that you speak of.

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Valkyre2004d ago

No, actually lets be as harsh as we are...

I dont want any pimps in my hobby, restricting me and dictating me what to do.

Just the fact that all the games someone will pay for xbox one, will one day, once the servers stop, be unplayable and worthless, is enough to be as harsh as hell with them.