New Phantasy Star Online 2 Trailer Introduces Episode 2 Expansion

A few days ago Sega announced the new expansion titled Episode 2 coming on July the 17th to the Japanese servers of Phantasy Star Online 2. Today fans get to see it in motion with a new trailer.

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user55757081954d ago

this could be the reason for the delay in the USA maybe were getting both episodes on release...which would be awesome

NioRide1954d ago

I hope so, I'll gladly play the game again if they put out a full English release.

Playing the patched version is fun and all but I don't like not knowing my item names.

I might actually install the game again for a while and play it off to the side of FF14.

LAWSON721954d ago

Just release english version already because this game is fun just got annoyed with all the weapons, items, and their descriptions being in japanese.

Edward751954d ago

Please bring this over to the US soon, an Xbox one/Ps4 release would be nice, but just a PC release would suffice!

biRdy1954d ago

I'm not liking this delay, In Phantasy Star Universe, the US servers were always 2 years behind update/content wise to the Japanese servers. Hope that doesn't happen to PSO2 as well.

hazelamy1954d ago

well, it's only one year so far, so there still hope. ^_^