E3 2013 - Xbox Or PS4, Which Fills Your Expectations?

The wave of statements, details and rumors of this E3 2013, didn’t give us a break, not even to talk about the design of the consoles and their controls. From LA, the show had great expectations that come against them, a PS4 ergonomic controller that will please users and the same appears to be a good experience against the new vibration of the triggers on Xbox One

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zeal0us2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

For a sec there I was like dafuq is PS Quatro, some kind of Chinese kirf PlayStation. PS4 in a positive way.

X1 my expectation for it started out negative then I saw the games it went from negative to semi-positive and then I saw price it went right back to negative.

Septic2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Well, the X1 had an excellent E3 in terms of games and they wowed me more than the PS4.......and yet......I've only pre-ordered a PS4. You know there has been a major cock up when someone who prefers the games on your platform decides to go for the competition instead because of the policies you have in place.

The sad thing is, people are jumping ship from Microsoft not because of a lack of any games, which, quite oddly, was the primary concern only a few weeks ago. It is all down to the manner in which they have mishandled this used game block, mandatory sign in and mandatory Kinect which has hiked up the price. These are things Microsoft can fix but won't. So until they do, I'll stick to the PS4.

theBAWSE2005d ago

Come on this is thing everyone knows is they will bring exclusives upon exclusives...

Septic2005d ago

Yeah I'm not saying they won't but the games for the X1 impressed me a lot making my decision that much harder.

theBAWSE2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Games wise I wasn't impressed with either conference if I'm honest..

I said I'd quit Xbox after they abandoned the original but gears got me it was graphically mind blowing so I bought my nephew the 360.. they have done it again for the have a habit of showing games in the infancy of its consoles life then abandoning it.. Where are 360s exclusives for past two years... I'm just not falling for it for a third pi$$ed me off going microsofts route in charging for online.. This e3 was was crazy

But each to their own.. All I want is shenmue 3 desperately and a new powerstone


I have to agree to a point. I was a massive xbox fan but I am getting the ps4.

The thing about e3 is that Sony had a lot to talk about because they still left themselves room to talk by not showing the hardware at the reveal and at the same time showing more games back then.

MS blew all the talk on the reveal. To make it worse all the talk didn't lead to a positive impression with consumers so MS was left with no real choice but to show.. No, prove that they actually do mean business and are interested in giving us games.

Skips2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

"they wowed me more than the PS4"

There's reasons for that.

1. They kinda had to spend time on the stuff, non gaming related, Apps, features, and showing off the actual console and whatnot... Glad they didn't take NEARLY as long as MS though. lol

2. We've already seen some games from the reveal. Have you freakin seen Second Son gameplay??? Have no CLUE why the hell they didn't show any during E3. -_-

3. They have TWO other platforms that they are supporting. Vita and PS3...

Have no idea what's happening for the Vita but for PS3, man o man. Are they are they sending off the PS3 with a bang! And new trailers for The Last Us, Puppeteer, Gran Turismo 6, and Beyond were just the games to do it. (Imagine if they DID gut support for their current console, like another company and all 4 of those games were for PS4 launch???). Just sayin...

4. If you missed it... Sony have announced 30 exclusives in development for PS4 from their 1st party.

20 in development exclusives coming out in the first year (Not counting the 8 indies shown and Free to Play exclusives). In comparison to the 15 Microsoft said are coming to the One.


We've already seen what Microsoft has to offer... they've pretty much revealed almost everything.

My guess is that Sony wanted to keep some PS4 exclusives to show at Gamescom and TGS to keep the hype ball rolling and PS4 talk going... Pretty freakin smart if you ask me.

GribbleGrunger2005d ago

For power, exclusives, the benefits of PS+ and longevity, it has to be the PS4. Everything else is just a reason not to buy the X1

Gimmemorebubblez2005d ago

I am going PC, WiiU and PS4. They all have their ups and their downs the Ps4 nearly fulfilled my expectations except that they are not keeping online free.

bobtheimpaler2005d ago

I'm going with PS4 and PC. Depending on how my personal situation changes, I may pick up a wii u for the exclusives.

Sleepy_Mexican2005d ago

PS4 baby.

(In the voice of Bender from Futurama).

The Meerkat2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

You mean Marcus Fenix from Gears of War

I can just imagine Marcus shouting "Aw, c'mon!" at the Xbone launch.

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