Microsoft Defends Its Policy On Online Connectivity, Indie Games And More

Microsoft's upcoming next-generation gaming console Xbox One has created controversy over its policy of restricting sale of used games and the need to connect to internet atleast once in 24 hours.

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zeal0us2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

It seems like Microsoft will be defending its policy until launch time.

BattleTorn2004d ago

It's really thier only option. They'll lose even more support (I know - how? - right?) if they start back pedalling their policies.

They do need to start educating people on the actual BENEFITS of what their trying to sell us. As well as make up for the restriction with extras bundled in-box. (free games, year subcr, ect)

limewax2004d ago

Unless they can bundle my consumer rights in that box there's really nothing they can put in their that can sway me.

HammadTheBeast2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

They've been trying to "educate" people (painting useless things gold and saying random garbage to confuse people) for a while now.

But I'm not buying into it, cause the very core of the console is broke, yo.

ThanatosDMC2004d ago

They wont have free games sadly.

greenlantern28142004d ago

they should back pedal, some say that would hurt them. IMHO it would cause some internet negativity but the xbox fans out there that are now pissed and saying they wont buy it would.
questions they should answer though.
if my xb1 breaks do i loss all my account/ games since they are locked to that xb1?
since i have to have the kinect2 what happens if that breaks? are you selling stand alone kinects or would i have to buy a whole new xb1? if you would fix the kinect for free if it breaks will that mean i cant use my xb1 till it comes back?
what are these benefits for drm you say there are lots of them, mind sharing?

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Wenis2005d ago

The more microsoft defends crap like this, the less willing I am to buy the Bonebox

Zeniix2004d ago

And this is why people should stop hoping they will change their policy for now cause they're trying to defend it.

Enemy2004d ago

Defending it = no plans to change. In comparison to the amount of indie games Sony will have next gen, they'll have none.

ElementX2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

E3 was just a few days ago. They can't go out and make statements without having a few meetings.

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The story is too old to be commented.