A link to the past: why Nintendo won't make games for smartphones

Nintendo finds itself in a very different situation than it was in five years ago, when the DS and Wii dominated the world. Its new Wii U console has performed poorly in the six months since its launch, and the company posted its second ever annual operating loss this year. The first was in 2012.

"Smartphones and tablets are nibbling away at the edges of the market for games," said veteran games industry analyst Michael Pachter when Nintendo lowered its sales forecasts in January. "If they can't beat it, they should consider making money off it. Why can't Mario be on the smartphone?"

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MikeMyers1978d ago

Nintendo is trying to sell hardware. A 3rd party publisher is trying to sell software, big difference. What Nintendo could do is offer their software on non-competitive devices but smartphones and tablets are competitive with dedicated handheld devices. Sony does offer a few games on the Android market but Sony also sells cellphones.

Nintendo is a company rich in history and they also run their company from inside a bubble. Often beating at their own drum.

3-4-51977d ago

If you could play 3DS/DS games elsewhere then people wouldn't be Handhelds as much = that would suck.

It's like people asking why PS3 all computer games.

Hadoukameha1977d ago

Simple solution; Nintendo could just release classics and test new IPs safely on phones/tablets. While doing so, advertise your hardware within those games. You can bring in people who normally wouldn't buy your hardware or at least make a bit of easy money in that mobile space without hurting your own products.

Perhaps even create or partner up for a gaming phone, as unlikely as it would be. I would buy it, as long as it is innovative, fairly priced and reliable.