Can Nintendo get its mojo back?

It hasn't been a blockbuster year for Nintendo, the video-gaming company that brought us "Donkey Kong," "Super Mario Bros." and the Wii.

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3-4-51979d ago

It never lost it, it's just that vocal people influence other people's opinions, especially when they don't know much about gaming in the first place.

Who wants all 3 Company's to do the exact same thing ?

That would be boring.

CaulkSlap1979d ago

Unless they cut the Wii U's price quickly it will flounder no matter what games they release. $300/349 is just outrageous compared to what PS4 offers at $399. Nintendo was too slow with the games and it failed to take off before the modern hardware console hype began.

chadboban1979d ago

Can't help but agree with you on the price thing. Well, they didn't cut the 3DS price until about 1 ½ months before they announced the 3DS price cut. So maybe we'll hear about one next month closer to the release of Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101. I know I'll probably pick one up when they drop the price, I've been waiting for Pikmin 3 for 8 years now.

mudmax1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

PS4 components may be bigger and faster, but their cheaper. Wii U components are all custom, more reliable, and more efficient. It's like comparing a 1990 honda to a 1990 dodge pickup. One still runs 23 years later and the other got crushed at the scrap yard in 1995. Sure the dodge was much more powerful when it worked. HAHAHA LMFAO. I drive a 2003 toyota with 220,000 miles I bought new, just saying. Good day folks.

deafdani1978d ago

Nice post. Now if you could just throw, you know, some actual facts in there... that would be great.

Hadoukameha1979d ago

Wii needs to be $99, Wii U $299.

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