This Is The Most Confusing Game I Saw At E3

Kotaku - It's called Hohokum and it'll be out on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Vita (though what you see here is on the PS4). You control a snake-like character while you explore worlds and discover new ones. You help in-game characters and creatures locate items and other characters and creatures. Sometimes, you turn lights on for new discoveries. But I could hardly glean all of this on my own.

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shivvy241953d ago

looks like a Huge Sperm

r211953d ago

Confusing, maybe? Colorful and unique, yup. I want this game. The devs basically said its all bout exploration and those kinds of games are great IMO :)

YoloSwag1953d ago

Someone clearly hasn't seen Spin the Bottle.

PrimeGrime1953d ago

Looks like magical fun to me.