Kotaku - The Present Day Part of Assassin's Creed IV Is a First-Person Adventure

Kotaku - Ubisoft likes to keep the modern parts of its Assassin's Creed games as secret as possible. But at E3, they revealed a few details for the present day part of ACIV: Black Flag. For starters, you're the main character.

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Chaos_Raiden1953d ago

Despite that I like the past setting for ACIV: BF, I do not like the modern setting much this time particularly.

kaozgamer1953d ago

I still think there was more to Desmond's story. It just ended too sudden and on a unsatisfying note in ac3

JoySticksFTW1953d ago

Can't stand first person view.

I'm one of the unlucky ones that get motion sickness from it. Bah

Ah well :(

Axonometri1953d ago

This seems a good idea. Sets main and current time play apart.