Namco Bandai teasing new PS3 game

Namco Bandai has begun teasing a brand new PS3 game that appears to be spaced related in some way.

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gerol1979d ago

I hope so.. Xenosaga Collection would be nice <3

aCasualGamer1979d ago

Namco can go suck it. What they did with the new "free to play" Tekken Revolution is nothing short of deceiving.

They let you play a free Tekken game, with only 8 characters. BUT... The only way to play is to pay for so called "tickets" and "coins" through the store. OR, you could turn off the game and restart it, in doing so you earn a ticket to play. BUT... When you lose a fight(in this unbalanced game) you lose your ticket to play.

Basically, it's "free" but limited so much that you aren't allowed to play anymore if you don't have coins or tickets.

RavageX1979d ago

Let get this straight, with the Tekken game they are basically selling you continues? Like how an arcade machine is?

sashimi1979d ago

Is that possible? since its a monolith game, i'd buy it day one if so

Minato-Namikaze1979d ago

The "Xeno" series is so confusing to me. I though Xenogears was a Squaresoft owned game but then xenosaga came and it was made by monolith so i dont know who owns what at this point, lol.

rainslacker1978d ago

Namco owns the publishing rights to the original Xenosaga series. Not sure if they own the publishing rights to the rest of the series or not. I"m not even sure if MonolithSoft wants to continue the series, they seem focused on X and Xenoblade. They did leave it open for more episodes though.

Not sure I'd want it to continue without the original developer though.

Moncole1979d ago

Monolith Soft who made Xenosaga works for Nintendo now so even if it is the game it wont be as good.

TheEvilWithin1979d ago

I thought Square Enix owned the rights to Star Ocean?

HarryMasonHerpderp1979d ago

Yeah you're right actually.
I'm sure Namco Bandai were involved with star ocean at one point?

TheEvilWithin1979d ago

Not sure bud, but I noticed Namco Bandai has been releasing JRPG from Japan for us here in the states so we will see what they have in store for us now :)

HarryMasonHerpderp1979d ago

Well let's hope it's a great game.
I'm hoping it's a Rougue Galaxy sequel like you've said below me. Would make sense if Sony owns the rights and it's an exclusive.

TheEvilWithin1979d ago

Might be a sequel to Rouge Galaxy that was on the PS2...

Tdmd1979d ago

That'd be brilliant! Fingers crossed!

Minato-Namikaze1979d ago

Doesnt sony own the rouge galaxy IP?

TheEvilWithin1979d ago

OH... I think you might be right about that one bud... hmm might of been a partnership with SONY. Notice how its only coming to PS3? So still a chance that it might be.

Minato-Namikaze1979d ago

i definitely could go for another rogue galaxy, maybe with the 1st in HD so its more incentive for newcomers to buy the game.

chikane1979d ago

Ace combat please and this time make it good not like that last garbage call

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

And on top of that when will Namco release the HD collection of Ace combat with ace combat 4 5 and zero ?

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