GiantBomb: I Asked Nintendo Some Questions, But Didn't Get Many Answers


The future of Virtual Console? Metroid? Other Retro games? The status of Earthbound? These are things I wanted to know. Sadly, Nintendo's senior communications director, Charlie Scibetta, wasn't budging.

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gamer421956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

If you don't want to hear the whole thing, it goes something like this.

Retro's Future - Nothing to Announce
Metroid's Future - Nothing to Announce
Miiverse 3DS - Nothing to Announce
Earthbound VC - Nothing to announce
New Firmware - Nothing to announce
Third Party - Nothing is wrong
Virtual Console news - Nothing to announce

Why must nintendo be so secretive?

Nevers0ft1956d ago

"Why must nintendo be so secretive?"

... If we told you, we'd have to kill you ;)

Hadoukameha1956d ago

They enjoy failure being fickle, sticking it to the fans.

1955d ago
Drainage1956d ago

i wanted starfox , we got him, but not like i wanted. (getting ass kicked by wii fit trainer)

bobacdigital1956d ago

We got 13 exclsuives to keep us busy until the next real Zelda and whatever else ninteneo has in the pipeline. It isnt like the games we are getting are crap... They all are extremely polished and look great. They aren't going to show all their cards now prior to the holidays.

Aceman181956d ago

for me personally out of those 13 i'm only interested in

Mario 3D
Zelda WW HD

Donkey Kong

bobacdigital1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

At least you are interested, which I guess was there point at this juncture.. Do you have a Wii U?

I think one thing you cant really debate with most of Nintendos games is that they all have a certain level of polish .. As much as I thought I wouldnt like New Super Mario Bros U because I had the orginal Wii version I was pretty wrong.. It looked great and played great and felt fresh...

Altho none of the 2013 games really blew me away I still think they all looked fun and well made.. I realize people wanted more but people also have to consider this is Nintendos first HD dance so it will take them longer than expected to get stuff done (even tho they cant afford to take longer at this point).. At least none of the games are half baked like the Wii U was on release.

Aceman181956d ago


I plan to get one the minute they announce a price drop. It will be a holiday purchase for sure.

SpiralTear1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Wait, "the status of Earthbound"? Beyond the Virtual Console?

Does the guy interviewing seriously think that Nintendo is actually going to talk about...Earthbound? Even if they are working on a super top-secret project regarding Earthbound (which would be pretty damn amazing), does anyone really expect Nintendo to say anything about it at all?

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