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Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Deadly Premonition's main box quote discusses how the original release was one of the most "polarizing" games ever in terms of reviews. Ryan at GoozerNation uses this as a chance to remember why he plays games in the first place: not to critique, but just have fun. DP can be fun if you return to that place in your gaming attitude.

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Heisenburger1953d ago

It was everything that I wanted it to be, along with exceeding what I even hoped for.

Anybody out there looking for something OUT THERE(a-hah) should give this a try.

If you like shows like Supernatural, The X-Files(especially imo) things like that, check it out.

I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the humor and the surprisingly dark moments.

So says Mr. Stewart.

Pozzle1950d ago

Don't forget Twin Peaks. If you love Twin Peaks, you'll probably love Deadly Premonition. :D