Oculus Rift VR Headset With Improved Resolution on Show at E3

"Oculus VR made a splash at the second day of E3, the world’s largest video-gaming expo currently underway at the Los Angeles Convention Center, showing off a higher resolution prototype of its much-hyped Oculus Rift headset. Previously, the Oculus Rift depended on a 1,280 x 800 pixel panel, but the upgraded version sports a 1,080 x 1,920 display."

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M1ST4K32006d ago

Do you mean 1920 * 1080 !?

NioRide2006d ago

I've been thinking about just dropping the $300 on a developer model.

mastershredder2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

It was the best thing I saw there along with playing as commander on Battlefeild 4 (the command center they had set up was insanely awesome).

OhMyGandhi2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

"I" before "E", except after "C".

mastershredder2006d ago

Yeah, yeah. I always do that with my fat fingers on the phone. *Battlefield. There are you happy now? ;)

MikeyDucati12006d ago

My mind is on flight...I want to fly planes or starships. Either or but this would be cool for that...

mastershredder2006d ago

It is. I played the best space flight sim (or any flight sim for that matter) on this. Physically looking arround and behind you to spot bogies is flipping amazing. The feeling of depth is all there, even looking arround the cockpit.

MikeyDucati12006d ago

I know that must've been a cool experience! Are you referring to that space flight sim by CCP? I thought I read about that somewhere.

ChozenWoan2006d ago

I can't wait for Star Citizen which will feature fully modeled ship interiors. They've working with the Oculus now to make sure it works on day one.