What To Expect From Grand Theft Auto V

The “Grand Theft Auto” series has been used as a yardstick with which to measure for the industry since 2001′s “Grand Theft Auto 3.” Every new GTA lets us know where gaming is at in terms of technology, design innovation, and of course, matters of taste and maturity. Rockstar’s flagship series carries the cross of being the video game by which the public judges video games. The franchise is so popular that GTA 3 can even be played on the top android phones. So what can we tell you about the upcoming “Grand Theft Auto V,” and what does that tell us about being a gamer in the 2010′s?

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bobtheimpaler3024d ago

I'd really like a PS4 version of the game. Maybe we can expect one once the PC version comes around.

NewDilemma3024d ago

MY most anticipated title for this year....gonnay be racking up some hours