Nintendo discusses their E3 strategy, future Wii U/3DS support, indie devs, competition

Jonathan Holmes sits down with Nintendo's Charlie Scibetta to learn more about the publisher's plans for the rest of 2013

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BullyMangler1952d ago

Nintendo's only competitor is time .. .

killbillvolume121952d ago

I would love to know why there hasnt been any word of gamecube games coming on the wiiu store... Like shit people its such a missed opportunity...

Kevlar0091952d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

The whole VC situation on WiiU is unknown to me. Is there VC (I believe there is)? Does it have all the gamesfrom Wii? What are their plans? That was one of the coolest features on the Wii

killbillvolume121951d ago

Yeah it does Im pretty sure. I read somewhere you had to go into wii mode in the store and all the content available for the wii would be available to you. I really want gamecube games on the wiiu store cause if/when that happens i will buy a wiiu.

AJBACK2FRAG1951d ago

Rumors of just that have circulated for the summer update.

FlyingFoxy1952d ago

I didn't think Wii U would cut it in the graphics department, but after seeing Mario Kart and 3D world, what with the style of graphics they use and all i think the visuals are more than good enough. Only issue is 3rd party games, but for the first party ones you can guarantee they'll be on to winners.

killbillvolume121951d ago

You know what made me go holy shit in terms of graphics..... That zelda game it looked so so good!

Kevlar0091951d ago

I'd like to see "X" on an optimized screen. My computer only does 720 so well it would be nice to see it in 1080 on a flat screen.

1951d ago