To clear things up about the Xbox One

To clear things up about Microsoft's new system the Xbox One or XO here is the list of facts on it from Microsoft themselves.

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IanVanCheese1980d ago

If they'd just allow gamers to play offline with the disc, there would be no problem. All the rest would just melt away.

Vip3r1980d ago

You can only use one external HDD via one USB port on it too.

Intentions1980d ago

So it's basically up to the 3rd party publishers for the used games/sharing feature.

Imo you should be able to play the games offline [at all times], the requirement would be; you'll will have to play off the disc. Then that would be alright.
So if you have it installed, then yeah it would make sense for it to have 24 hour checks. Otherwise it would have problems as stated in the article.

illtownNJONE1980d ago

I fully understand buying console day 1 anyway i cant w8