Yoshida talks Remote Play ubiquity on PlayStation 4, not bundling the Eye with the console

With the PlayStation 4, unlike the PlayStation 3 before it, Remote Play functionality on Vita is handled on a system level. Though Sony's asking developers to take into account the Vita's different button setup and additional input mechanisms that the portable console has, the actual act of enabling Remote Play is handled by the PlayStation 4 itself. "On PlayStation4 , it just happens.

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Bigpappy1951d ago

I think I read this before.

doctorstrange1951d ago

Yup, they announced it before E3

Angeljuice1951d ago

Thanks for that remark, now I'm off to butter some toast.

danny8181951d ago

Im curious. Im very intereste in sellin my psvita because of the lack of compelleling games and me going off to college with only my ps4 ready to game on. But how will the psvita improve my experiece with the ps4?

punisher991951d ago

Um you can play your PS4 games on your vita via the remote play feature.

danny8181951d ago

Thats it? I was wondering if im at school if i can play a ps4 game via cloud. Or is it u have to be in ur house to do the remote play feature?

littlezizu1951d ago

you can play it anywhere even in your school as long as your ps vita and ps4 are connected to internet.
There is video on youtube about mlb:2012 remote play from vita and ps3

pain777pas1951d ago

Keep it. It is great hardware that you'll find useful when ps4 hits or even before that.

George Sears1951d ago

I prefer they don't obligate the Eye on the console. That way, I won't expect so many casual games from Sony; since that what I consider the PS Eye to be in the first place. (A casual novelty)

NateCole1951d ago

Well that's good to know. It means devs don't have to do much work implementing remote vita play.

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