Next-Gen: 'I'm Tired Of Shooting People' Claims Payday 2 Dev

NowGamer: "With so many developers keen to talk next-gen at E3 this year, few of them seem to do so as honestly as David Goldfarb, game director on Payday 2.

Where most developers praised next-gen's graphical capabilities or connectivity, Goldfarb simply hopes for new experiences. He's sick of shooting things, he tells us."

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M-M1978d ago

The FPS market has become saturated ever since developers have been trying to follow COD's lead or make the "COD killer".

Majin-vegeta1978d ago

I agree we need a repeat of last gen.Less pew pew and more variety.

Diffraction_Fos1978d ago

I can't believe I used to think FPS was the best genre. Now I can't stand them anymore, and I wouldn't touch them with a ten-foot pole. I'm just so f**king tired of generic arcade shooters.

RavageX1978d ago

I'd love for a return of RPG greatness. Back in the day(PS2) I swear we were practically tripping over RPGs.

justncase1978d ago

AMEN and the cussing is unreal.. I just wont to play some good fun games, all the games out there and the what they call big release's are shooting killing cussing.. I think i'm going back to Nintendo wii u

BoNeSaW231978d ago

You had me until wii u.

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The story is too old to be commented.