Suda 51 not bothered by Xbox One DRM

VideoGamer:"The Killer Is Dead director is instead focusing on experimenting with new engines and styles."

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DxTrixterz3525d ago

Of course he's not bothered about it because he's a director (whatever he is), we gamers on the other side are because DRM will make a living hell for our gaming experience.

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hkgamer3525d ago

Multiplatform developers will most likely not give a crap about used games DRM. The loss in MS game sales would go the Sony sales, therefore devs/pubs will sell exactly the same amount.

YNWA963525d ago

Because companies want to protect what they create, and you want copies, freebies and whatever else your cheap ass can get, you surprised about DRM?

S2Killinit3525d ago

lol he is not bothered? Of course he isn't. What a joke.

Transporter473525d ago

He doesn't care too busy on working on his games.

CrossingEden3525d ago

which every developer should be doing

deadfrag3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Bring on Killer is Dead!I want japanese audio on it!

LoaMcLoa3525d ago

It's confirmed to have both japanese and english voices :)

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The story is too old to be commented.