There Is One Thing That Sony Could Learn from Microsoft at E3 2013

Push Square: "This year’s E3 was very special for PlayStation. Despite dominating the industry with the PSone and the PlayStation 2, the company has assumed the role of an underdog at times during this generation. While the PlayStation 3 has played host to some phenomenal games – and posted some impressive sales figures in the process – there’s never really been daylight between the current flagship console and the Xbox 360. But with a series of knockout blows during its media briefing on Monday, the company really stunned its closest competitor, putting it in a promising position prior to the platform’s launch later in 2013. And yet, in spite of a positive showing, there’s one area that we’d like the Japanese giant to address before it returns to Los Angeles in twelve month’s time."

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DxTrixterz1956d ago

Yes and that is how to make millions of gamers angry.

jc485731956d ago

Microsoft made us excited for PS4 conference. No wonder Sony goes later all the time.

Mounce1955d ago

I thought it'd simply be: "How not to suck" - Even Sony didn't suck THIS hard in e3 2006....

BigFnHooters1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

"there’s never really been daylight between the current flagship console and the Xbox 360"


The PS3 crushed the 360 in sales this gen despite:

* The 360 being rushed out the door a year early in the US and Japan and a year and a half early in Europe

* Being 200 dollars more expensive than the 360

* Tens of millions of duplicate 360s being sold over and over again to US and UK Xbox fans from the RRoD fiasco

* Microsoft being the only company that inflates their worldwide installed base numbers by reporting their shipped to retail store numbers and not actual sales to consumers like Nintendo and Sony do

* Hardcore Xbox fanboys pumping out fake sales numbers on sites like vgchartz

The true Xbox 360 installed base is tens of millions lower than the numbers that include the 4-5 duplicate 360s the average Xbox owner bought this gen.

If Microsoft got beaten this badly this gen by Sony despite all that, it isn't hard to see how Sony is going to absolutely crush Microsoft next gen where Microsoft:

* Doesn't have an extra year/year and a half to pad out their installed base numbers

* A 100 dollars more expensive

* No RRoD to inflate their installed base numbers by tens of millions

Mikelarry1956d ago

sony doesnt need to learn from ms. but ms needs to learn alot i mean alot from sony

Kaneda1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

mmm... they learned to make customers to Pay to Play online. Or did $ony started that? hmmmmmm...

@Mikelarry you should read your post above "Sony doesn't need to learn from ms" and I said they learned to make customers to Pay to Play online... M$ started Pay to play last gen and $ony started this gen. That doesn't make sense to you? Then you need to take your $ony fanboy hat off...

Mikelarry1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

sony started pay to play online??? i shouldn't bother but get your facts right

xbox live started with charging to play online 2002, sony charging for online multiplayer 2013 atleast do some research before your counter a discussion

edit:try reading your post again and how you worded it and see why 6 people disagree with you

Mikelarry1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

funny how am actually gaming on my 360 now. dude learn to form a sentence properly. your reply suggested that sony started charging customers first. if it was just me that read it that way then you have a point, but 7 people read it exactly like me

just incase you doubt i own a 360

Muerte24941956d ago

say they were offering free games now with Xbox LiVe GOLD? Hmmmm, how long has Xbox LIVE been around? They only just now decided to do something like this after Sony does it?

95% satisfaction rate for Playstation Plus. Can Microsoft say this?

Kaneda1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Wow, You guys are so defensive. I don't like XBL either. I just responded to post.

GABRIEL10301956d ago

PS plus is amazing 50 games for 50 bucks. Also you can obtain a lot of great disscounts for be Plus subscriber, for example this week you can buy Tomb Raider for 19.99 USD.

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DragonKnight1956d ago

"There's one thing Sony could learn from Microsoft"

Yeah, what NOT to do.

Moonman1956d ago

Read my mind there man. :p

Zool 081956d ago

Sony can learn not to block used games nor be always on line to play standard games.

rainslacker1956d ago

Think Sony already learned that a long time ago...

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