Killzone: Shadow Fall: "We Still Need To Improve"

Guerilla talk about the challenges in making their PS4 exclusive.

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Majin-vegeta2006d ago

I hope KZ gets an even bigger following community next gen.


That's why making it a launch title is a great idea.

Divine2006d ago

Guerilla are one of my favorite devs. and i love killzone, do whatever you have to do to make it the best you can even if the launch date has to be put back honestly i wouldnt mind as long as its for the better and. i also agree with you @Majin-vegeta

Clover9042006d ago

From the look of social media covering E3, there may be a huge influx of Playstation owners come this fall, which means more potential Killzone purchases.

Jayjayff2006d ago

Killzone always made me feel like visual galore with little to no soul behind conception. It's just lacking something for me to find the game fun, I stick to the amazingling built multiplayer from Battlefield for my first person shooter.

HammadTheBeast2006d ago

KZ2 was just great. 3 went a bit downhill.

ssj272006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

KILLZONE community is very a divided community ..

I love the fat that KILLZONE SF is taking note from FC3.. when I played Far Cry 3 i was like I want KILLZONE to be like this!!

but i hope they Expand into that.. I meant look at "the Division" wow how the menus where set and animation and details like the door and the visuals where amazing to..

well maybe I'm been unfair and they have to still show more levels and the MP will I be it will be in a whole new level..

come on GG push yourself into making your next IP and next KILLZONE into a new level and make devs copy you and not the other way around.

I can't wait to see their next IP..

GABRIEL10302006d ago

Sure! You have a point, Killzone's fans are divided like the factions in the game, some people love the ISA and others love the Helghast. The Killzone's 3 ending is awful, play 6 hours of boring and linear ISA's campaign to at the end destroy an entire planet with millions of innocent people, ISA sucks and GG writter is an idiot.

GG needs to improve Killzone's story with separate campaigns for Helghast's and ISA's fans, also GG needs to include an innovative gameplay and new mechanics( GG doesn't need to copy gameplay of old franchises like COD, Crysis or Halo) and expands the game's universe at new factions, races and planets.

ABizzel12006d ago

Shadow Fall looks like Killzone + Resistance.

Muffins12232006d ago

Honestly it would be fun if they had something like firefight or forge...

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King-Prodigy-X2006d ago

Will probably hear more about the single player and full reveal of the multiplayer at Gamescom since Europe is their homeland.

NateCole2006d ago

They really need to push for 60fps.

ssj272006d ago

every other fps is doing 60fps
I will not mind if they put the extra work and making KZSF a 60fps but this game has the best fps visuals tech and huge maps plus is running on 1080p .. let'sbe realistic solid 30fps will be fine.. and idk the hype behind 30fps or 60fps..
maybe they could for for 45fps haha why not.. is better than 30 :)

come on gg!!
if you can't 60fps try 45fps.. why not..

ABizzel12006d ago

At one point of time they were suppose to, but it looks like they're going with something more open this time around, based on the interviews which is why they didn't, on top of that they didn't want to miss launch due to pushing for 60fps.

I don't know. I'm sure it'll be a good game, but inFamous seems like the best first party launch game IMO, and I'm more interested in Guerilla's New IP than Killzone right now.

ssj272005d ago

Well inFamous is not a launch game but a early 2014 tittle ..
and like you say.. maybe KZSF been a launch tittle made them focus into 30fps instead of 60fps ..they got no time to do extra work to make 60fps happen with those visuals..

anyways is just a launch tittle and we will see many games from GG this gen.. they are bigger faster and the PS4 makes everything easier..
last gen we saw 2 games from hem.. this gen hey could easily do 4 in the same time frame.. and that is something to get exited about..

Nocando2006d ago

Ugh, calculated humility to make the Sony fans swoon. Gotta go vomit now.

PR_FROM_OHIO2006d ago

This series is very underrated IMO! My fav FPS this gen was Killzone 2! Hopefully the PS4 can give them the sales they deserve!!

NumOnePS3FanBoy2006d ago

Agreeed. I pwned noobies on kz2 COD babies didn't like it cuz of the "controls" I got used to them like any other game

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