Redesigned Xbox 360 Model Not Much Different Than 360 Slim

In the first few minutes of its E3 press conference on Monday, Microsoft announced that a redesigned model of the Xbox 360 is available now. Though actual details of this new 360 have been somewhat elusive, we know that the redesigned model is coming in at the same prices as the 360 Slim - $199 for 4GB, $299 for 250GB, or $299 for 4GB and Kinect. The Internet is tentatively calling this new model the Xbox 360 E.

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DxTrixterz1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Why is it not that much different than S? Because basically this is their desperate last attenpt to milk money out of people so they went the easy way and didn't change anything inside but just outside. Shame on you Microsoft you greedy company.

Jeffberger1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Not really sure how putting a new design out there is milking, since Sony has done it about 4-5 times too. Also companies make money off games, little to nothing off the system themselves, so I see several problems with your milking theory.

If I didn't already own a ps3 or 360 I'd always opt for the lastest design, but since I do, I wouldn't just buy it for the looks.

darthv721956d ago

these last few revisions dont get sold to the same amount as the ones people see more often. so their collectable value increases over time.

Like the top loading NES was released as a last effort to sell units while the SNES was on the market. the snes 2 was the same thing.

Even the smaller newly released wii that was only in Canada is a variant that isnt as common. so in this case, this revised 360 has a chance to continue to sell or it wont sell as there are more of the original models as well as the 360s already in circulation.

If that happens, then expect to see this unit go for higher $$ in a few years because it wont be as common to find like the previously released ones.

I know i have to add one to my collection but that's just me. i really dig variants and some of the ones i have from previous console gens you just dont see everyday.

Reibooi1956d ago

I don't have a issue with them putting out another redesign but isn't this timing pretty terrible? I mean they are gonna to be launch a new console by the end of the year and one they put a hefty price tag on to boot. Wouldn't it be smarter not to release another 360. Won't it kinda have a chance of cannibalizing the Xbone?

NioRide1956d ago

That's kinda what the 14 models of ps2 did though....

Just saying, companies are kinda known to do this, *outside of nintendo though for some odd reason*

Jeffberger1956d ago

That is really odd now that you mention it, that Nintendo never does a revision. If not for a cooler look, at least for a more efficient and less heat producing cpu. That's kinda lame.

Excalibur1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I have to say I don't understand this move, why spend more money, and development time redesigning a box that (according to them releasing a "Next Gen Box") is EOL?

Why add confusion to your consumer?

It's like the year Coke made Christmas Cans of Coke and Diet Coke, people kept buying the wrong one because they looked almost the same.

Are they somehow hoping that Grandma and Grandpa will accidentally pick up an Xbone thinking they are buying little Timmy a 360?

Never mind, forget I asked, M$ hasn't done anything with the ONE that makes sense, why start now...

Speaking of designs, I hope (for their consumer's sake) they put in big red lettering on every corner of the box


Gigaguy7771956d ago

Change it to "Internet Connection Required every 24 hours for Online Play" then sure.

Excalibur1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

@ Gigaguy777
What is the difference if it's every hour or every 24?
If you don't have internet then you don't have internet, without internet all you have is a blu-ray player.

Gigaguy7771956d ago

First off, this has nothing to do with what I said, just saying.
Second, the difference is that some people with internet have it be down for an hour on occasion, whereas almost nobody with internet has it down for 24 hours at a time. If they do, then they should rethink what ISP they're using, and if that doesn't change things, then don't get the X1.

Jeffberger1956d ago


You gotta love all these people crying foul while using their high speed connections. All over a secs long ping once per 24 hours. Means absolutely nothing at all.

Now the drm fee on used games, that to me, it's the more legitimate gripe.

from the beach1956d ago

Selling it at the same price is bizarre.. what's the point of this machine?

ginsunuva1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

They modeled it like a DVR in loving memory of the Xbone.
Rest in Peace Xbone.

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