Miyamoto: E3 banter on long development cycles, used games

Shigeru Miyamoto is at E3 this week and is in the mood to talk about all things Nintendo such as longer than usual development times, and why Nintendo doesn’t really have a stance on used games. Find out what all the Mario maestro had to say below.

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TheEvilWithin1951d ago

Miyamoto hit it right on the head! I LOVE my Wii U it makes playing games so much easier. I can switch to anything at the touch of a button and I don't need to yell anything at my system to get it to do it... IMAGINE THAT!

Sharius1951d ago

and even i'm a long time sony fan, but i don't hate nintendo, i'm a huge fan of their NES and SNES system after all, these are my childhood

i just hate the Wii, and WiiU system, there is no way i buy these thing even if sony fail me at the E3 (but not :))) i'll change to PC gaming (i got 1 of decent gaming PC too but right now, it just for porn :P)

maybe one day if nintendo go back to the mainstream gaming, i'll support both nintendo and sony system in same time

bobacdigital1951d ago

As a PC gamer I will tell you that expense wise after you have a good PC you wont have to worry about much expense when it comes to games. Steam gives you a good avenue to get tons of games for cheap especially if you miss a lot of them through the year. On thing you will miss is a lot of exclusives that only come out on console.

My issue with MSFT and Sony is that a lot of the games that are being released are shooters.. Third person or first person.. most the mainstream ones come out on the PC and look to a certain degree better... I love Nintendo consoles because I feel like all you do on PC / MSFT / SONY systems is FPS and third person games... Nintendo is a GREAT change of pace because their games are so unique and the play styles are different.

Sharius1951d ago

well, simple i don't care, i'm not work in technology departement, i'm a freaking doctor and man... i hate my job

all of my tech knowledge is just self teach, i build my PC because i'm just boring, but i rather play game on the console because it's more comforable for me that way

fsfsxii1950d ago

You have to look deep into the PS3s games library, some really great titles release every year but no one hears anything about them due to crap advertising

MilkMan1951d ago

I read this interview a couple of days ago on a different site. I must say I agree with Mayamoto on most points, but this delay in software because the programmers need to get used to the tech? Thats just PR silliness.

WiiU was not developed in some secret country, hidden under a Tundra and unveiled yesterday and therefore all production on Wii had to stop and the devs needed to learn how to program for this thing in a matter of hours.

Just say the truth, you put out some good tech while still in its infancy to won the hearts and minds of potential customers eager for next-gen.

It was a gamble and it hasn't paid off. Customers did not byte. You have your core, but you need more to succeed.

You need new ideas and IP's and you need to reach a different crowd, not the choir.

That being said, I do love the overall experience of the WiiU, i feel it is unique in this or any other gen. But games that are not only fun and great need to surface, but that use this new tech to the fullest extent. Give gamers that are on the fence a reason to buy your console.

I know that folks in my home that spend some face time with it like it, but then the question is, what can I play on this?

Then we start to whistle.
Obviously, they are not Nintendo fans per-se and they could care less about the trifecta. Mario, Zelda and Metroid.

cleft51951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

RE6 had like 300 people making that game and it sucked. The best indie games have like 5 people working on them and they are amazing.

Miyamoto's point is that it takes highly talented people with great vision and understanding to make a great game. Being a great programmer doesn't make you a great game developer. It takes time to cultivate people who understand what it takes to make a great game. You can't just throw hundreds of people at a problem and think you will get a great answer. If this was the case RE6 would have been amazing.

MilkMan1951d ago

You are absolutely right. I don't think I made my point clear.

Maybe if I make it more personal.

Say, I was running Nintendo and I was making a transition from Wii to WiiU.

I would aligned my best talent and make sure that when I release our new technology, we had strong games that absolutely showcased what the hardware was all about.

I would make sure that there were no gaps (as we are experiencing right now) for our consumers to buy.

The notion that the WiiU was released in a vacuum, to the astonishment of the developers cannot be believed.

In my mind you don't released hardware unless you have strong software to aid in its sales.
I'm well aware of Nintendo's quality being paramount.

And if I was running Nintendo I would have made sure the quality was there, but more games also and as doctrine we need new ideas. New hardware, new IP's

I'm positive there are many talented devs over at Nintendo itching to do something new.

In my heart, the unveiling of the WiiU was premature, it was meant to get a jump on the competition and it hasn't paid off for Nintendo.

Do I think they are over and kaput, not by a long shot.

But as a fan, it pains me to see that this could have been a revolution. How couldn't not be, tablet meets home console. Instead its relegated to a kids toy.

The irony is, all the other major players have some kind of table implementation. This is comedy and tragedy at its best.