Sony's E3 Presence - Stabbing the Competition and Twisting the Knife

TRG scores Sony's performance at E3 a 9.5/10 - Never has a company so thoroughly smashed its competition at E3. There have been moments where an overall positive narrative surrounded certain companies over others through the course of a week at E3 but none have represented such a drastic turnaround for a company and completely rose above the others as Sony has this year. Still more questions must be answered and a lack of first-party juggernaut titles are awaiting future revelation but Sony has left a sense of anticipation for even those omissions. Sony owned this E3, bar none.

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ChozenWoan2006d ago

MS committed Seppaku and Sony just gave them a proper burial.

NateCole2006d ago

Exactly. MS gifted the early lead to Sony because of their greed.

NewMonday2006d ago


MS more like they shot themselves in the foot, fell on their own sword and then committed Seppuku while jumping of a skyscraper.

Sony later mutilated their body and p!$$d on their grave

InMyOpinion2006d ago

Sepp-u-ku, if I may. And Sony didn't just bury them, they danced on the grave afterwards as well lol.

MysticStrummer2006d ago

Wasn't there an assistant who would stand by and cut off the person's head after they disemboweled themselves?

The assistant was Sony.

NewMonday2006d ago

this needs a gif so bad

wastedcells2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Ya Sony is just watching and laughing. They said they never had plans for drm or always online. Also the price was set a while ago. Anyway I'm over this X1 nonsense, ps4 is pre ordered and the last of us is out in a couple of hours. Time to play what some call the stand out game of this generation.

joshuatobi2006d ago

dude ive got the pizza ordered and the snacks ready with a bunch of tall cans so that i can play alllllllll niiiiiiiight long.

marchinggamer2006d ago

Can't wait till the story comes out that ps4 requires 60$ a year online just saw it on YouTube check out reviewtechusa

TRGMatt2006d ago

It's $50 a year, the story's already out, and nobody cares because it comes WITH PS+ which means an amazing lineup of free games and incredible discounts. So good, in fact, that Microsoft s FINALLY copying it for Xbox Gold :p

TheEvilWithin2006d ago

Copying to a degree lol I wouldn't call bargain bin games a great start lol Assassins creed 2??? Halo 3??? Who on the Xbox 360 does not own these or hasn't beaten these already. Only 2 games that's a joke compared to PS+... there is 9 FREE games on there right now. Games like X com Enemy Unknown, Uncharted 3, Little Big Planet Karting, Deus Ex, there are so many GREAT benefits to plus it just STOMPS the hell out of Xbox Gold.

bobtheimpaler2006d ago

all gamers know already. I can understand that people are upset about that. I myself rarely play online anyway and I'm already a plus member for early demos, betas and free games.

Williamson2006d ago

Ive never seen anything more brutal than what sony did to microsoft. They will be having nightmares for a long time.

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The story is too old to be commented.