George Lucas: The 'Titanic' of Gaming is Coming

The big game of the next five years will focus on “actual relationships instead of shooting people.”
In stark contrast to today’s blockbusters, Lucas feels the next big thing will be something quite different.

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Shadow Flare1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

The Titanic of gaming?

Say hello to Xbox One. Hasn't even set sail and it hit an ice berg

NewMonday1980d ago

Japan is full of the games he talks about, somebody just needs to do them in a way that can appeal to the west.

NeXXXuS1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

o no u didn't! *snaps fingers*

also, this article comes to mind

Ser1980d ago


No, but, really. Be quiet, Lucas.

GribbleGrunger1980d ago

Great Lucas, now add real emotion to your films.

ScubbaSteve1980d ago

We've already had the TORtanic.

Mounce1979d ago

Even then, since when did Geoge Lucas become a fucking messiah and analyst of gaming when he hates gaming? He's a washout of a director and I'd have to ask, when was his last good movie? At that, how could a biased old man think his opinion is valid about the gaming industry without it being clouded and blinded with ignorance?

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ZombieGamerMan1980d ago

no Spielberg the Titanic of gaming is coming out tomorrow on PS3, its called The Last of Us, hell it happened months ago too called Bioshock Infinite.

BullyMangler1980d ago

more generics with the last of us

ZombieGamerMan1980d ago

95 on meta and more than 20 scores of 100 says other wise

Riderz13371980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

"Because you’ve got actual relationships instead of shooting people.”

I just love this statement. These two just remind me of the average gamer who only buys cod. They think that games can't be taken seriously because all you do is shoot people and never form bonds with characters.

I advise both of them to play games such as The Walking Dead and The Last of Us, and then come and talk to me about games not forming "actual relationships" with characters.

What a bunch of has beens and George Lucas has done nothing except for Star Wars and now he thinks he's some sort of an incredible director whom everyone looks up to. What a complete joke.

Ben Dover1980d ago

Don't forget Heavy Rain. Pretty much one of the best when it comes to character connection.

ainsz1980d ago

I mostly agree. But the acting of a small number of characters was intolerable.

S2Killinit1980d ago

I thought gaming can't tell stories? what happened now you want to tell stories in games? what a bunch of hypocrites.

WorldGamer1980d ago

GTA style open world Star Wars game. With different planets, galaxies and races. Space travel like wing commander/ privateer. Character creation like on Skyrim, with options for 3rd or 1st person like Skyrim.

Options to become a Jedi, Sith, bounty hunter, etc.

CaulkSlap1980d ago

So what Star Wars The Old Republic should have been?

WorldGamer1980d ago

Yea, all real time combat. Basically making your own Star Wars story. Would be epic.

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The story is too old to be commented.