What If Britain Was Struck by The Last of Us' Cordyceps Infection?

Push Square: "The Last of Us takes you on a dark journey across the United States, offering a harrowing vision of a decaying future. With humanity struck by the mutation of a deadly fungal infection, society is left to rot – and the urbanised regions of North America returned to the control of nature in the process. But while the game does an incredible job of uncovering the impact on the land of the free, how would other nations fare under the strain of the cordyceps disease?"

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Lord_Sloth1957d ago

They wouldn't have guns to defend themselves.

Mr_Nuts1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Pffft we don't need guns, we use crumpet knifes tapped to our fists

Lord_Sloth1957d ago

Nothin wrong with that I suppose. XXXD

elhebbo161956d ago

a cricket bat would do the trick.

TheTimeDoctor1955d ago

or you guys could just flash your teeth. scary

Mr_Nuts1955d ago


Yeah but then again that's because most people who have horrible teeth are the rugby know what you guys know as football except we don't wear wimpy gear, protection and helmets.

TheTimeDoctor1955d ago

is that the sport with lots of hugs?

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GribbleGrunger1956d ago

It would just be like a typical Saturday night out.

Mikelarry1956d ago

offer the zombies tea and biscuit and maybe we could work something out. and when i say tea i mean tetleys and biscuit i mean rich tea

pompombrum1956d ago

Well it would hopefully take care of all our immigrant and chav problems. Hopefully nab a few of those dirty ministers too.

MajorLazer1956d ago

The infected would fit right in with the EDL, although the infected may take over the running of the organisation, since the infected are vastly more intelligent than all of the EDL members combined.

ScytheX31956d ago

couldnt say infected a few more times? think u didnt emphasize well enough lol

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