Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U 3DS struggles, no DLC plans

The following info comes from an IGN interview with producer Masahiro Sakurai.

- the two versions might find themselves completed at different dates
- the 3DS is facing some challenges
- for 3DS, they're struggling with how to accommodate characters that incorporate more than one fighter, such as the Ice Climbers
- official game titles are Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
- no plans for DLC at this time

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darthv721979d ago

and i am actually relieved at the no dlc thing. Far to often we have been seeing games intentionally leaving out content only to be sold back to us like they are doing us a favor.

for nintendo to release a complete game in smash bros is refreshing to say the least. At least i hope its a complete game.

Hey nintendo, would cross play be a bit much to ask for?

LoaMcLoa1979d ago

Yeah, no DLC is a good thing. Means more unlockables and everyone will have the same experience.

And you make a good point about the cross-play. Why are they struggling to keep the same amount of characters on both platforms if you can't cross-play?

DarkBlood1979d ago

its clearly due to graphics, it isnt a scaled back version by any stretch of the imaginatio from what i understand so far.

inevitably cross play isnt possible because the difference worth noting is that the stages are different.

fatstarr1979d ago

Like how gaming was meant to be played. use your skills and play the dam game to unlock and actually earn something that's not a trophy or achievement. Hopefully DLC comes a year later with a 10 or 12 character update that you have to unlock after you buy it. 8 stock and the rest unlocks.

Gregard1979d ago

I would prefer not to have cross play, as I am sure it would compromise the quality of the Wii U version. Finally we get a powerful HD machine, I want my smash to be as best quality as possible!

MNGamer-N1979d ago

I don't like the Ice climbers, they should get rid of them anyway and replace them with something else.

deafdani1979d ago

I LOVE the Ice Climbers, it would break if they went away.

Nope, let 'em stay. They're damn original and great to play with. Get rid of the clones instead.

MNGamer-N1979d ago

I think their finishing move is too boring.

Number-Nine1979d ago

tell me more about the fish ai

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

xbox moves out the way when ps4 gets close to it.

I dont have a wiiU but I hope this game will be good for nintendo fans.

Williamson1979d ago

I would love it if maybe 2-3 characters could be added through dlc maybe 6 months - a year after release.

Brasi19891979d ago

I would also like to have new characters added through DLC. I wouldn't mind seeing them done continually through the WiiU life cycle. IE "Nintendo gets an exclusive deal with (insert franchise here) to celebrate (insert character name here) will be added to Smash Bros character roster for DLC. Just a thought anyway...

Hadoukameha1979d ago

Needs to be a simultaneous release, needs DLC,and needs to be RENAMED.

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The story is too old to be commented.