The Wonderful 101 crapped a rainbow in our brains | GamesRadar

GamesRadar: "Platinum Games is known for its over-the-top, visually stimulating action sequences, which can utterly overload the senses in the best possible way. The Wonderful 101 retains this trademark extravagance while being fun for the whole family, and presents you with a world where gymnasts and mailmen can become the city's greatest heroes."

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Zodiac2005d ago

That's a fine way of putting it.

MNGamer-N2005d ago

Well, It sharted a glistening pile of awesome in mine.

fatstarr2005d ago

this is another cult classic waiting to happen.

Realplaya2005d ago

This game has been on my radar since day one. At the rate I play and beat games there are to many coming out to keep up with.