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GamesRadar: "Some said the Lord of Terror simply could not be overcome… on a console. Those fools shall soon be disproven, as Blizzard is placing the final touches on Diablo III for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. We played it at this year’s E3, and the real surprise here is that the game might just be better on consoles than its native PC."

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Nyromith2046d ago

And yet they call us "filthy peasantry"...

dedicatedtogamers2046d ago

I played at least 100 hours between two characters on the PC version. I know a lot of my fellow PC gamers hated Diablo III but I loved it.

The big boon here is the multiplayer and lack of always-online requirement. Of course it can be played online, but it can also be played offline on one TV, which is awesome. I am definitely tempted to pick it up again when it comes out for PS4.

JsonHenry2046d ago

For it wasn't that Diablo 3 wasn't a decent game. It is just that it wasn't a Diablo game that we grew up with. no stat building and things of that nature really killed it for us. I played through it and enjoyed it. But nothing about it made me come back for more like Diablo 2 did back in the day.

Somebody2045d ago

You should've seen a gaming magazine in my place several years back. It showcased the latest game reviews from every platform but PC games will always be the last section, at one time no PC game review at all. Not surprising since PS3 and 360 were booming and the "PC is Dead" was the rage.

The most annoying part was how they called the review sections : Reviews for both consoles are in a section called "Console Keep" while the PC reviews are in the "PC Tavern." This lasted for several years but I already stopped buying the magazine by then.

reef10172046d ago

That sucks for PC players but as a console gamer I am very happy.

IcicleTrepan2046d ago

I agree with this. I have Diablo 3 on PC and when I played it the first thing I thought was how great it would be on console.

Coach_McGuirk2046d ago

almost as if that was the intention from the start.. hmmmm

JsonHenry2046d ago

I know, right? Its almost like they made the whole game with consoles in mind or something. I wouldn't even be surprised if a quick google search could turn up quotes from Blizzard saying just that.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2046d ago

That's cool and all, but it's a freaking shame, pc players felt extremely cheated.

JsonHenry2046d ago

We got the best possible consolation prize possible- Path of Exile. I'm not complaining too much.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2046d ago

Just checked it out.
Is it FTP?

Enemy2046d ago

I'll pick it up for PS4.

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